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For more than a century, compassionate people like you have been a part of the Vista Family. No matter how big or small, your involvement makes a huge difference in ensuring a brighter future for our children.


Donations fuel the work we do to positively impact the lives of the children and families. Your generosity helps us continue to make a difference in their lives.


Our volunteer opportunities allow you to share your unique skills by filling important roles like mentor, tutor, or activity/skill based volunteer in our residential program.


We hold events all year long that range from conferences and seminars to monthly workshops and fundraisers. Come be a part of it!

Corporate Sponsorship

Vista offers a robust corporate sponsorship program and tailored corporate volunteer opportunities on a select basis.

Leadership Programs

Leadership at Vista Del Mar offers exciting opportunities for seasoned and emerging leaders to enrich lives, hone their leadership skills, learn more about Vista services, and become involved with the most vulnerable children in Los Angeles.

Thank you to our Leadership Advisory Board for your incredible loyalty and continued support in helping Vista families.

We are thrilled to resume our 2021-2022 LAB Fellowship and are now accepting applications.
(Vista will remain steadfast in following any recommended COVID protocols to ensure the safety of our Fellows, Speakers, and Youth).
All applications are due by June 18th, 2021

Congratulations to our 2021-2022 Leadership Advisory Board Fellows! We look forward to seeing you all shine while making an impact in children’s lives at Vista!

2021– 2022Leadership Advisory Board Fellows
2021-2022 LAB Fellows: Erin Brooks*, Callae Brownstein, Stacie Cohen, Alexis Daizins*, Kelsey Foster*, Rachel Glickman, Richard Granger*, Kimberly Hakim, Alexandra Keller, Andrew Kipper, Ian Akash Morrison, Justine Roach, Elizabeth Sands, Michael Sands, Jennifer Schweitzer.
*Not pictured

Please check back in June 2022 to apply for our next round!

General Program Detail


Leadership Advisory Board (LAB)

This executive level advisory board for high level, diverse professionals ages 25-45 begins with a comprehensive 10-month program designed to engage and build future philanthropists in our community and beyond. In the first year, nominated members will learn from highly revered experts about philanthropy, fundraising, children's mental health as well as leadership skills such as public speaking and media training. After the first year, each member will then have unique opportunities to create dynamic activities with our youth as well as utilize their leadership skills in various capacities to include fundraising, advocacy and outreach.

For more information, please contact:
Naomi Salamon
(323) 481-1822


The Leadership Advisory Board 2021

Marcus Sikors — Chair
Emily Hakim - Vice Chair

Bryan Anderson
Raghu Appasani, MD
Sam Augè
Kira Bahat
Brittany Bahat
Brian Blake
Jayme Bolden
Michele Boren
Tamika Burrus, MD
Caroline Cameron (Health & Wellness Chair)
Rick Castaneda
JR Davidson (Sports Chair)
Bod DeBelina
Adam Epstein
Elana Feldman
Stefanie Feldman
Jessie Flesh
Anna Forkner
Jonathan Friedman

Lindsey Gleitman
Mark Gonzalez
Gabè Hirshowitz
Melissa Jacobs
Lawrence Jones
Alexander Kantor
Kimberly Kantor Pitson
Rachael Klein
Matt Kornberg (Development / Fundraising Chair)
Laura Leavitt
Lana Manganiello
Erick Martell
Derek McKee
Daniel Mense (Arts & Music Chair)
Kelly Noble
Ryan Ouyang
James Perry
Julie Civiello Polier
Michael Polier (Former LAB Chair)

Ashley Rochester
Justin Roberts
Susan Roberts
Massiel Rodriguez
Robert Roig
L. David Russell
Jason Sangerman
Jessica Schneider, PsyD
Oren Segal
Jillian Share
Sam Siegel
Alexander Simpson
Mena Suvari
Dario Svidler
Steven Taylor
Michael Toveg
AnnaMarie Van Hoesen
Kisha Ward
Alex Yi

Friends of Vista Del Mar

The Friends of Vista Del Mar (FVDM)

FVDM is our core volunteer group who are passionate about enriching the lives of Vista’s youth. Members support activities and events for our youth throughout the year where they can all experience joy and connection.

Jill Friedman - President
Barry Berkowitz
Janis Black Warner
Alyce Botwinick
Jane Boubelik
Barbara Card
Renee Cohen
Terri Konheim Cooper
Susan Corwin
Jackie Dubin
Nancy Epstein
Sari Eshman

Helene Feuerstein
Inez Gelfand
Jeanne K. Gerson
Jill Goldstein
Audrey Gronsky
Michelle Gruber
Gail Hershowitz
Marla Kantor
Ellen Kruger
Jean G. Leserman
Robert Lurie
Carol Mann

Joanne Mogy
Ruthe Newmann
Deedy Oberman
Pamela Pacht
Gayle S. Rodgers
Peekie Schaefer
Betty Sigoloff
Dana Sigoloff
Candice Susnow
Janis Susskind
Rosalie Tenenbaum

For more information on Leadership Opportunities
Contact Naomi Salamon

Email or call

(323) 481-1822