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Vista Del Mar’s Community of Services' mission is to provide comprehensive, family-centered social, educational and behavioral health services that encourage children, adolescents and their families to lead self reliant, stable and productive lives.

Supporting the children and families of Los Angeles since 1908.

During National Child Abuse Prevention Month we would like to share information about Vista Del Mar’s Home-SAFE division and the role it plays in supporting Los Angeles County families dealing with abuse.

Home-SAFE, a division of Vista Del Mar, serves the metropolitan Los Angeles area with prevention and early intervention programs including child care, counseling, parent education, child development guidance, mental health, and family support services. Within the family support services branch, we have The Family Project program which is specifically funded for child abuse/ neglect prevention…

No Child Left Unplugged

For more than a century, Vista Del Mar has been here to help children and families in need. From our founding as an orphanage in 1908, we have continually evolved to serve the changing needs of our community by offering a range of exceptional programs in education, mental health, autism, adoption, residential care, prevention and…