Vina & Teodoro

Dear Birth Mother:

As we write these words, our hearts are beating with excitement and emotion. We understand
how much your life and ours will change because of this adoption, and we admire and respect
you for taking us into consideration. Our hearts and our arms are open to receive you and your
baby lovingly in our family. We are tremendously excited to become parents and have so much
love to give to you both! Thank you for taking the time to read about us!

About Vina & Teodoro

We met the old fashion way… on the Internet, specifically on eHarmony. Our fist date was in 2010, on a beautiful Sunday morning at the Farmer’s Market in Santa Monica. We’ve been married since March 2014 and our ceremony was at Our Lady of Refuge in Long Beach. We are two big silly kids with adult responsibility. We absolutely love food. We enjoy cooking together, walking with our puppy, shopping at Farmer’s Markets, and keeping in touch with close friends and family. We value our health, and we both exercise regularly including yoga and unconventional fitness methods. We love to travel. Our most recent international trip was to Spain to celebrate Alejandro’s parent’s 50th wedding anniversary. We are looking forward to visit Vina’s family in the Philippines. One of our favorite places to visit is Monterey, California where Alejandro went to graduate school. Alejandro used to volunteer at the Monterey Bay Aquarium and we hope to bring our children there one day to foster in them a love for animals and the environment especially our oceans.

Vina according to Alejandro:

The first one I saw Vina that first date, I
understood immediately that I wanted her in
my future. She was smart, focused, dedicated
and full of fun. She’s traveled all over the world,
and showed a love for her family that
resonated in my heart. Her list-making prowess
and her organization liabilities is legendary and
the perfect counterpoint to my exuberant
improvisation. I cannot imagine a more perfect
Vina combines her experience as a registered
nurse with her MBA to become the perfect
senior analyst implement Electronic Health
Records. She’s hard working and dedicated. Her
laser-like focus on providing the best for our
family is the corner stone of our future. She is
caring, loving and hardworking. At the same
one, her sense of humor and her
gregariousness will light a room.

Alejandro according to Vina:
Our first date was so natural – one truly flew by
for me on this day. He wears his heart on his
sleeve. He’s an awesome storyteller plus he’s
great with tools. If it’s broken, Alejandro can fix it.
He is by far one of the most patent and gentle
people I know. He’s my personal IT support with
anything related to my computer or my iPhone.
He’s affectionate, loving, and dedicated to our
marriage. He’s a great teacher, too. He’s a level
three-archery coach. I’ve watched him interact
with his archery students. His love for the sport is
obvious – teaching comes naturally to him. He’s
fair and firm with his students and encourages all
to do their best.
He’s self-less often putting my needs ahead of his
with joy and without complaint. Alejandro is silly
like me, but he has the emotional maturity to talk
about serious things like finances, etc. He’s super
smart – and runs circles around his work
colleagues in the translation industry as a project
manager. I am still impressed with his super
multi-lingual skills. I admire his courage to
immigrate to this country from Spain on his own
over a decade ago. He has a great sense of humor.

Our Home:

We currently leave in Long Beach, by the Country Club
area, in a three bedroom, two-bathroom house with a
private back patio, a laundry room and a two - car
garage. We’re surrounded by single-family homes,
trees, a park, plus access to great schools, and last but
not least a hospital that includes a dedicated pediatric
facility less than 10 minutes away.
The ocean is but 15 minutes away, but you won’t see
Vina getting wet except when she’s on a dragon boat
team with a life jacket on. Alejandro, on the other hand,
might be a quarter sea otter.

Our Family and our Thoughts on Parenting:

We both were brought up by loving, hard-working parents. Under their care we learned the
value of working and collaborating at home, sharing all duties and the importance of boundless
love. Our extended families are an important part of our lives, and we are looking forward to
bringing a new child to this loving group.

Our faith is also an important part of our lives
– we are a Catholic family celebrating
Christmas, the Feast of Three Kings, and
Easter. We are firm believers in the
importance of education. We understand the
value of setting boundaries and explaining
the consequences of all actions mixed with
positive reinforcement.

To learn more about a family,
Call Vista Del Mar

(310) 836-1223 ext 281