Seth & Lucy

Dear Birth Parent:

We are looking forward to welcoming a child into our loving family and promise to work hard to make sure that our child has the opportunity to learn, grow, be loved and supported, and to become a happy, successful person.

We are grateful to you for considering the courageous, loving act of offering your baby for adoption. We wish you the very best as you make this important decision. Should you choose to place your baby with us, know that he/she will be raised in a happy and healthy home, with unconditional love, by two caring parents, and a very supportive, extended community of family and friends.

We look forward to the opportunity to meet you and for you to get to know us.

About Seth & Lucy

We have been married since May 2016 and have been together since April 2013. When we met, we knew pretty quickly that we were right for each other—we went on our second date the night right after our first date. We love and support each other very much. We love all kinds of music and arts, and we spend most of our evenings together while we read or talk with music playing in the background, eating dinner together, and going for walks with our dog. We cannot wait to spend even more time playing, learning and laughing as a family. We enjoy going to concerts, dance performances, movies, and baseball games regularly, and we travel to new places whenever we can. Mostly, we enjoy spending time with family and friends.

Our Home:

We have a home filled with music, books, laughter, kindness, great food, and a very sweet dog named Zeus.  We live in an apartment in West Los Angeles.  We live close to the beach, multiple libraries, parks, and schools.  There are a lot of families living in our neighborhood.  We live in a one-bedroom right now, with a large living room, kitchen and outdoor space, and access to a pool.  We are planning on moving to a two-bedroom apartment in the coming months. Our neighborhood is quiet and safe, and we have lived happily here since 2015.

More About Lucy & Seth:

Seth is 38 and Lucy is 29 years old. The thing we like most about each other is that we are both kind to people and believe in taking care of one another, our families, our friends, and our communities. We both work very hard, care about social justice, and deeply value diversity.  Seth volunteers on community issues in our congregation and Lucy volunteers with a coalition focused on improving conditions in jails.

We are both pretty athletic- Seth grew up playing sports and played in college. Lucy grew up as a serious dancer, danced professionally for a few years, and studied ballet and modern dance for 17 years. We still love playing sports.

We’re both educators and originally met while working in schools just a few blocks from each other. We both loved working with children, especially helping them learn to love reading, taking them on trips to new places and creating structured, nurturing and safe environments in our classrooms. As educators, we balanced joy with the patience and structure that students need to succeed. We also learned a lot about child development that will hopefully help us when we start our family.  Both of us still work in education.

Lucy taught middle school and high school English and Special Education.  She currently works in research and policy, focusing on criminal justice and education. Lucy is also studying for law school.  When she becomes a lawyer, she plans to continue using her skills to make sure that people get fair access to education and opportunities for success in life.

Seth taught middle school and was the principal of a middle school and then a high school. He currently works at an organization that makes sure that schools communicate well with families and involve them in their children’s education.

Our Family:

We both have amazing extended families, and lots of lifelong friends whom we consider family. We’re also “honorary” Aunts and Uncles to a few of our friends' children.  We love to spend holidays, birthdays, and other milestones with everyone, even when travel is involved.

Lucy has an awesome, big family of aunts, uncles and cousins, whom we see as often as we can and with whom we spend every Thanksgiving. Her cousins were in our wedding and are very excited to welcome our child into the family.  Lucy’s friends include teachers, dancers and other professionals and are also a diverse, smart, fun group.  She has been close to her friends for a very long time.  They are like her sisters and brothers, and they are all excited that we are in the adoption process.

Seth has known most of his friends for over 20 years, and they spend time at our house on holidays and weekends. We know their families and their fantastic children like they are our own.

Our Thoughts on Parenting:

We have chosen adoption because our experience as teachers and with our big extended family of relatives and friends has taught us that family is who you choose to love. When we first discussed having a family with each other, the idea of adoption felt right.  We know that there is a lot to learn and understand in order to be excellent parents in general and more specifically to be excellent adoptive parents, but we feel confident that with everything we learned as teachers, and with lots of hard work, we can build a strong family.

We’re really excited to be parents and believe we can help our children discover things that they love in the world, whether through school, sports, music, arts, travel or other interests.

We know that as adoptive parents it will be important to honor our child’s background, especially if it is different from our own. This means that we need to educate ourselves and to be thoughtful on a continual basis. We are absolutely open to discussing this with you if you would like.  We are also lucky to have a diverse group of very close friends that will be “aunts and uncles” as well as a diverse family who will always love and support our child, too.

We think it is important to be consistent and to have lots of structure, including clear expectations, rules and clear rewards and consequences that are developmentally appropriate. It is our job to keep our child safe, healthy and to prepare them to be successful, happy and responsible adults.

We believe in spending time helping a child think about their actions and to try to help our child avoid making mistakes. We also want to set good examples for this as parents.  At the same time, it’s important for kids to understand that making mistakes doesn’t mean that they aren’t loved or aren’t a good person. We want our child to know that they can always talk to us, even if they’ve made a mistake.

We know that being parents will be a privilege and take a lot of hard work.  We are excited to dedicate ourselves to making sure that our children have excellent opportunities, many wonderful memories, and have our full, unconditional love and support.  We are looking forward to the opportunity to meet you and for you to get to know us.

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