Ryan & Gary

Dear birth parent:
We can only imagine the strength it takes to find the right home for your child. Thank you so much for reading our profile and getting to know us.

About Ryan & Gary

We first met in high school and started dating in college in 2010. We have been making each other laugh ever since. In 2016 we tied the knot with an intimate ceremony surrounded by our closest friends and family. Afterwards, we celebrated over dinner at our favorite restaurant, Napa Rose, where we toasted to our future adventures as the Disneyland fireworks lit up the night sky. We both have a creative side and enjoy movies, musicals, trying new restaurants, and learning new skills. We like to stay active by hiking, playing volleyball, and paddle boarding.

Our Home:
We live in downtown Anaheim, where we purchased a 2 bedroom home shortly after our wedding in 2016. Our home is always filled with music and laughter as we attempt to sing along and dance. We enjoy the fresh air as we unwind on our balcony and watch hummingbirds.
We live in a family-oriented community where children enjoy the swimming pools, playground, and park. We look forward to watching our future children play and grow here.
Our neighborhood is home to many eclectic eateries and shops, which allows us to experience multiple cultures in a single day. Downtown is the heart of the community as it hosts weekly farmers’ markets, fairs, and holiday parades.
On weekends we enjoy walking to breakfast or relaxing over a cup of coffee at a local café. We also enjoy spending time at Disneyland and can’t wait to enjoy the magic with our little ones.

Meet Ryan (by Gary):

Ryan is personable, thoughtful, and kind. He has a significant amount of patience and a playful demeanor, which will make him an extraordinary father. When he is not working backstage in Finance at the Disneyland Resort, he is doing laps in the pool, sipping on a cup of coffee, or reading a book (he loves suspenseful stories).

Meet Gary (by Ryan):

Gary is kind-hearted, dependable, and just a little bit sassy. These qualities make him a successful Cardiovascular Registered Nurse and a wonderful husband. He has a passion for cooking and loves having family and friends over to enjoy a meal. You can usually find Gary listening to music (especially Beyoncé), dancing, or making people laugh with a funny story.

Our family:

Gary comes from a large Mexican and Filipino blended family with both older and younger siblings, as well as many cousins. In contrast, Ryan comes from a small Caucasian family where he is the youngest of three.
We find value in sharing experiences, like hosting family for a home-cooked dinner. When deciding where to live, being near family was an important factor. Since both families are less than a 30-minute drive away, it’s easy to see them regularly.
We have been together since Gary’s younger sister was 6 years old and have seen her grow into an intelligent teenager. We love taking her to movies, listening to her talk about middle school, and going to her choir performances. Additionally, Gary has a 7-year-old brother and 1-year-old sister, with whom we enjoy spending time. We’ve seen numerous children in Gary’s family grow from infancy to childhood, including our two Godchildren, who are 8 and 2-years-old. Our relationship with them is focused on being a source of support, guidance, and happiness. We are also close with Ryan’s family, which consists of his mom, two older sisters, and brother-in-law.
We look forward to incorporating our children into our families and can’t wait to start our own traditions and create new memories.

Our thoughts on parenting:

Early in our relationship, we connected over our mutual desire to be fathers. We have a love for learning and plan to share that with our children. Whether we take trips to an aquarium, travel to new cities, or try foods from other cultures, we will create opportunities for our children to explore the world, including their own cultural heritage, so they can discover their interests.
We are also advocates for equality. Not only will we raise our children to treat others respectfully, but we will teach them to see others as equals. We will encourage them to be confident, humble and honest people. We will promote positive self-esteem by teaching them to embrace what makes them unique.

We will love our children unconditionally and make time to learn who they are and what they are passionate about. We are so excited to get to know our little one.

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