Robert & Katie

Dear Birth Parent,

Thank you for looking at our profile and considering us as perspective parents. We are a loving
family that would be absolutely honored to bring a child into our home and hearts. Our lives are
focused toward the enrichment and growth of those around us. Since we first met over ten years
ago, our goal has been to build a life in which we could raise and nurture a child. We
understand what a challenging time this can be, but rest assured that if we are chosen we will
be the best parents we can be.

About Robert & Katie

We are a couple madly in love with each other and have built a loving home over the last decade. As soon as we met, we knew what our future together held, and very shortly after meeting, we knew we wanted to have a family together. We have three kitties that we adopted Stella, Fern and Sona. Some of our favorite activities include going to the movies, gardening, travel, spend time with friends, laughing hysterically and enjoy living life to its fullest. We live in the South Bay just outside of Los Angeles in a quiet, family-friendly neighborhood with a tight knit community of neighbors from young to old. Our neighborhood has some of the best schools and parks available in California, which is one of the biggest reasons we planted our roots here. We love to have family and friends come visit us. We take them to Disneyland and often go on our own as well. It is very important to both of us that one parent stays home full time to raise our child, so Katie has stopped working all together and Rob has taken a job that allows him to work from home full time.


Meet Rob:

Rob is originally hails from the Midwest. He comes from a large, diverse family. Rob is a 6 time
author of books focused around computers and technology. The first time Rob used a computer
as a young boy, he knew working with them had to be his career and that nothing would get in
his way of achieving this goal. Rob has traveled the world during his self-made career,
designing and building new solutions for customers. Over the last several years he has been
focused on building a family and looks forward to hopefully sharing his love of computers with
his and Katie’s child(ren). Rob is passionate about the cello, enjoys video games, watching
sports, and reading. Currently Rob works at a children’s video game company.

Meet Katie:

Katie is from Northern California where she lived with her mother until she and Rob met in 2007.
Katie has been around children her whole life. She was a nanny and house manager for twenty
years and raised dozens of children along the way. Ever since she was young, Katie knew that
she was meant to be a mother. During her studies in jr. college, Katie studied child education
and development in hopes of becoming an elementary school teacher. Although she never
finished, she still found a great use of the child development knowledge she gained during those
1.5-2 years. Another passion of Katie’s is helping people and brightening someone’s day either
with laughter or positivity. She is ready to start expanding our family and apply her experiences
to raising our own children.

Our Family:

Rob’s mom, 2 younger half brothers and older stepbrother live in the Midwest. Rob’s step
brother is married with 2 sons. While Rob does not communicate with his biological father, he
does have a stepfather. Rob’s mom and stepdad were divorced last year after being married for
close to 30 years. Rob has a large amount of aunts, uncles and cousins that he and Katie stay
in close contact with. They all live within several miles of the rest of Rob’s immediate family.
Katie was raised by her mother and stepfather in Northern California. Katie’s mom divorced
Katie’s biological father about 32 years ago. When Katie was 11, her mom remarried. Katie’s
stepfather had a daughter of his own, but because of the distance between their homes, Katie
rarely saw her and they never grew close. Katie’s mom and stepdad were married for 11 years,
when unfortunately Katie’s stepfather passed away suddenly. Katie also has a half sister who is
married with 4 children and a half brother who is married with 1 child. All siblings are related on
their biological father’s side, but all have different mothers. Her sister’s family live in San Diego,
and her brother’s family in Orange County. Katie was able to make contact with them later in
life thanks to a DNA testing website. They all spend a ton of time together and have way too
much fun during get togethers.

Our Home:

Being clean and organized is very important to both of us. We rent a 4 bedroom house solely
for the purpose of having additional room for a child. We also find it critical for our indoor-only
cats to have as much room as possible for exercise and play. We have a dedicated guest room
which accommodates both of our mothers, siblings and friends from out of town frequently
throughout the year. We have a wonderful housekeeper to help us keep up with the daily
chores. Stella, Fern and Sona add so much light and love to our home. They are our fur-babies
and get along wonderfully with children. Sona is 2 years old. She is a grey, tan and white calico
on the smaller side, weighing only 5 pounds, even though she is fully grown. Stella is a 9 year
old beautiful lilac point Siamese with the attitude of a “cat supermodel”. Fern is a Maine Coon
mix that has the playful temperament of a kitten even though she is close to 9 years old. They
have their own designated room in our house with their litter boxes, beds and favorite play toys.
Thankfully, we have a pull out couch in the cat room that will act as our guest room when we are
placed with a child, and the original guest room will become a nursery. We have a large kitchen
that Katie enjoys cooking in daily. At least once a week, Rob and Katie cook dinner together
and look forward to having a child participate in this fun family activity.

Our Thoughts on Parenting:

We think it is important for a child’s development for at least one parent to stay home so, we
both decided to make that possible! Katie stopped her career in 2015 and Rob recently switched
to a company that allows him to work from home 100% of the time. Since we are not able to
have children naturally or with the help of IVF, we decided the best way to grow our family is
through adoption. We are devoted to being completely open and
honest about where our child will come from with age appropriate communication for every
stage of their life. It is crucial for us to convey that our child came to us from birth parents that
love them very much and we will always remind them of this. Neither of us grew up being
spanked or physically hurt by our parents, and we want to continue this, as we feel negative
physical reaction will only result in negative emotional reaction. We will strive to teach our child
about the importance of equality amongst genders, sexual preference and skin color. We do not
want to be overbearing parents that push activities or goals onto our child. We want to
encourage them with positive guidance towards their choice. Not choose for them. Education
through college and beyond is a dream we have for our child, especially if they want that too.

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