Raffaele & Margherita

Dear Birth Mother:

Thank you for taking the time to stop and read more about Raffaele and Margherita. We know that you are at the point of taking a very important decision in your life and we are thankful for considering us as a proper choice for your child. It is hard to summarize the lives and personalities of two people in a few words and few pages but we would like to reassure you that we can be the caring and loving couple you are looking for for your child. We hope to hear from you in order to show you how passionate and committed we are in becoming parents.

About Raffaele & Margherita

We met in November 2012 in Milan, Italy, while Raffaele was in Italy for a business trip. On that night we were both attending a beautiful Gala dinner and happened to be seated next to each other. We spent the entire evening talking and laughing about our lives, interests, travels and realized right from the start that we had so much in common. At that time Margherita was living in Seveso, Italy, while Raffaele lived in Los Angeles. The following spring, Margherita started visiting Raffaele in California and we began a close and intense loving relationship. Margherita moved to Los Angeles in September of 2013 and we were married two years later on a beautiful sunny day at Vaprio d’Adda near Milan. Our wedding ceremony was attended by our families and our friends from both continents. After our wedding, we left for a memorable honeymoon through Ireland and Scotland, before returning, happily ever after, to Los Angeles.

Our background:

Margherita is 34 years old and she was born and raised in Northern Italy. She is the only child in her family. She also has two loving and caring uncles with whom she spent a lot time while growing up in Italy. Margherita speaks Italian fluently and she is an avid reader. She reads an average of 20-25 books a year, both in Italian and English. When she lived in Italy, Margherita was working for her family business. Margherita’s family has a small manufacturing company of rubber components and she worked there in the marketing department. After moving to Los Angeles Margherita has started her own career in the real estate industry. She got a license as a realtor and opened her own real estate investment firm with two other partners. Margherita chose a career in real estate because it allows her to work part-time, set up her own schedule and dedicate time to the home and the family.

Margherita’s mom, Mariella, comes often to Los Angeles to spend time with her and Raffaele. Margherita’s parents have been very supportive in the idea of adopting a child and look forward to having a grand-child in their lives.

Raffaele is 47 years old and he was born in Rome, Italy. Raffaele attended schools in Italy before moving to the United States. Raffaele has one older brother, Rodolfo, who lives in Rome and is married with one child, and one sister, Luna, who lives in a small town near Rome. Luna is 24 years old and is the youngest sibling and already has two beautiful children, Lorenzo and Aurora. Raffaele also has several uncles and aunts and cousins in Northern Italy. After earning a law degree from the University of Rome, Raffaele became a lawyer and started practicing law in Southern California. He first started working in Los Angeles for large national law firms and subsequently he joined a boutique law firm in West Los Angeles, where he started a practice in immigration and corporate law. Raffaele has also lived and worked previously in Vancouver, Canada, for three years and San Diego in California for two years.

Our Home:

We live in Mar Vista, near Venice Beach, California. Our home is a spacious and contemporary three bedroom, two bathroom, condominium. We live on the second floor of a three story building and our place is bright, comfortable and quiet. Mar Vista is a family oriented community with lots of good schools and plenty of playgrounds such as the Mar Vista Community Park with tennis courts, baseball and soccer fields, outdoor swimming pool and where we’d love to take our child for some fun activity. The neighborhood is also very diverse with an interesting mixture of white, Hispanic and Asian ethnicities. We live only a couple of miles from the famed Venice Beach and we often go down to the beach for a relaxing walk with our pooch, Seth, or just to admire the colorful California sunsets.

About Raffaele (described by Margherita)
Raffaele is the most wonderful person I have ever met. He is loving and caring but also funny and adventurous. He has strong values and he is a person you can rely on. We have so much fun together and our home is full of laughter and love.  He loves singing and playing the guitar; he also enjoys any outdoor activity, reading, movies and cooking, all of which we love doing together. We look forward to sharing all of these mutual activities with our child, too. Raffaele is a very hard working person, but he also knows when is time to stop in order to dedicate his attention to his family and friends. If I have to imagine the perfect dad for my child, Raffaele is the one. He will be eager to share his knowledge and passions with our child, inspiring and supporting him/her every step of the way.

About Margherita (described from Raffaele)
Margherita is a beautiful and sweet person, inside and outside. She is also a loving and devoted wife and has been very supportive and caring to me during our entire marriage. Margherita has a deep understanding of what it takes to have a healthy family and a good marriage and strives to make our marital life better and better every day. Margherita is a caring and affectionate woman and she will be, without a doubt, a very kind mother to our own child. I believe she has a natural predisposition for care and for her future motherly role. She will enjoy spending time with the child, teaching him/her the beautiful things that she has learned while growing up, cooking for him/her, sharing her passion for reading and traveling and, last but not least, she will also transmit to the child the importance of good education.
How we see our family:

We believe that the family is the starting point for the well-being of a child. Therefore as parents, we would like to be present and committed to assist our child in becoming the person he/she would like to be. We see our roles as parents to be of support, caring and loving in order to teach our child true respect of others, honesty and transmit to him/her happiness and joy. Also we truly believe that as parents, our goal and commitment will be to provide good education, knowledge and curiosity about the world we live into, so that he/she can have the tools and preparation to face the challenges of life and be ready one day for his/her own future.

Fun facts and curiosities about us:

• Our first three dates happened in three different cities around the world: London, UK – Miami, Florida – Rome, Italy;
• Margherita shares the same day and month of birth, not the same year though, of Raffaele’s sister, Luna;
• Margherita has extensive knowledge and admiration for all types of American cartoons and Pixar movies. She cannot wait to share this passion with our child!
• In August 2017, we travelled with our pet to Oregon for one and half day just to see the Solar Eclipse and then came back to Los Angeles. What an amazing experience!

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