R.O. & Mindy

Dear Birth Parent:

Hello! We are delighted to introduce ourselves to you. We understand that adoption is complicated and we hope that you are supported in making the best decision for you and your family.

About R.O. & Mindy

We are a fun-loving couple who met at summer camp and have been married for 16 years. R.O. has an energetic personality and is very loyal and caring. Mindy is smart, organized, and creative. She handles situations with incredible dignity and grace. Our family includes our amazing daughter Eleanor and our dog Scout. Our extended families live in Arizona and Oklahoma. We visit grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins several times a year.


R.O. works at a church as a youth director and music leader. He really enjoys working with other musicians to plan the Sunday church services. He also has a strong connection to the teenagers in the church and community. Mindy works with young children and their families as a preschool director at a local school. She has extensive knowledge of child development and particularly enjoys spending time with children outdoors. Eleanor attends the school Mindy works at and they love being so close to one another throughout the day.


We live in San Diego and absolutely love it! We live in a house with an amazing backyard in a great neighborhood. We know most of the neighbors by meeting them on our daily walks with Scout. Eleanor will frequently ride her scooter with other neighborhood kids while Scout plays with the dog next door. We really value spending time together as a family and try to live simply and take care of each other. Upon the arrival of another child, we both plan to take time away from work to focus on bonding and attachment with the baby, and integrating our family with the little one.

Interests & Hobbies

Most weekends we are together at the Zoo, Children’s Museum, or the dog beach. R.O. enjoys trail running and golfing. Mindy likes yoga and art. Eleanor loves purple and unicorns. Scout prefers to chase toys or sleep. We enjoy trying new things and love to travel. Every year we plan a “Family Adventure” to intentionally spend time together in a new environment.

Personal Values

We strongly value relationships and have arranged our lives so that we have quality time together as a family and with others in the community. We value our Christian faith and regularly pray together. We value the unique characteristics that each individual contributes to the community.


We are very open with Eleanor about her life story and we plan to continue this communication with our next child. We read books about how families are formed, share photos of her birth story, and speak fondly of her first parents. We would love to be in partnership with you in finding the right balance of openness in our continued relationship with you. In Eleanor’s case, we shared pictures with her first parents through a photo-sharing website for the first three years of her life. We met up in person when Eleanor was three years old and had such a great experience connecting in person. We plan to see each other a couple of times a year, which works for us and Eleanor’s first parents. We look forward to figuring out what will work with the first parents of our next child.


Our parenting journey has been rewarding, challenging, empowering, and humbling. We have loved the experience of adoption and feel so super lucky to be parents. We feel we have room in our family and in our hearts for another child whom we can’t wait to fall in love with. Our parenting style includes compassionate boundaries, natural consequences, and viewing mistakes as opportunities.

In Closing

Thank you for taking the time to get to know more about us. We imagine that you have a lot to think about. We sincerely wish you well!


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