Nik & Pritha

Dearest birth mother:

Thank you so very much for considering us for the adoptive parents of your child. We know how difficult this decision is. We want you to feel as comfortable and supported as possible. We have a lot of love to give and we hope to share a little bit of that love with you today. I know its impossible to know someone just from a few paragraphs, but we hope to give you a little glimpse into our lives in these next few statements.

About Nik & Pritha

Our story started 10 years ago when we were introduced to each other by one of Nik’s cousins, who happened to be one of Pritha’s best friends from medical school at NYU. Pritha was in Seattle during her fourth year of medical school to explore the University of Washington as a possibility for her residency. Nik lived in Seattle at the time because he owns a wine accessory business based there. From the first night we met, the chemistry and our strong bond of friendship were undeniable. Four months later, Pritha made the bold decision to move to Seattle from New York City to pursue her residency and to be close to Nik. Four years later, we married in Chicago, IL (because of Pritha’s Midwest roots). Since then, we have settled in Los Angeles where Nik is from and where Pritha finished her training as a Cardiologist at UCLA.

We are a fun, hard-working and compassionate couple with open minds and hearts. We value family, friends and the community around us. Our lives are full of love and laughter and we’d love to share that with an adopted child.  We have demanding jobs and we work hard every day, but we still make time for the most important things in life – close family, good friends, great music, delicious food and travelling around the country and the world. Our favorite past time is exploring all of what Los Angeles has to offer. We love driving to communities in this city that we’ve never visited to meet their people and try their food.  We can’t wait to introduce our little one to the amazing cultures that make up the great city of Los Angeles.

Our Home:

We have a two story, 4 bedroom, traditional home in Studio City, a neighborhood in Los Angeles right off of the 101 and right above West Hollywood along Laurel Canyon Blvd. We have a large backyard with a lot of room to run around and play. Our neighborhood is beautiful, filled with tree-lined streets and separated from bustling Ventura Boulevard by the Los Angeles River. There are plenty of parks, community centers and other children in our neighborhood for your little one to enjoy!

We also own a vacation home in Santa Barbara, CA where we love to spend weekends year round. We love to garden, cook wonderful meals at home and sit on our porch staring out on to the Pacific ocean and majestic canyons. We love the slower lifestyle of Santa Barbara – it allows us an escape every now and then from the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles.

Adopting parents descriptions:

Meet Nik (written by Pritha)
Nik was raised in Irvine, CA by two hard-working immigrant parents from India. Nik’s father came to the United States in pursuit of higher education and still works as an Engineer in Orange County today. Nik’s mother is an amazing woman who raised Nik and his sister, Nilam while working multiple odd jobs when they were growing up. Nik owns a large wine accessory business in Seattle, WA called True Brands, which designs and distributes housewares all over the world. He no longer plays an active role in that business as he lives in Los Angeles now. Here in LA, Nik is CEO of a large cannabis company. He loves his job and has helped the company grow immensely since taking over as CEO. He is hugely successful because of who he is. Nik is best described as a “people person.” He is loved by all for his easy-going demeanor and his great sense of humor. He is the most positive person I know. He stays calm through almost any stressful situation life hands him and his smile is truly infectious. I couldn’t ask for a more loving, compassionate and devoted husband. I know he will be an incredible father to any child who enters our family.

Meet Pritha (written by Nik)

Pritha was raised all over the Midwest by two hard-working immigrant parents from India. She moved around a lot due to her dad’s job as an aeronautical engineer. She was born in Pennsylvania, spent most of her childhood in Cincinnati, OH, spent some time in the suburbs of Chicago, Milwaukee, WI and finally ended up in South Bend, IN for high school. She loved the Midwest when growing up, but California was definitely calling to her at an early age. Pritha moved to Los Angeles for college at UCLA where she studied Biochemistry. She loved the diversity of the people in Los Angeles and she knew she wanted to make it home someday. Before she did make it home eventually, she traveled to New York City for medical school at NYU and then Seattle for Internal Medicine Residency (where she met Nik). Pritha then moved back to Los Angeles in 2013 to finish the last portion of her medical training as a Cardiologist and obtain her PhD in Cardiovascular Genetics. She is now an Assistant Professor of Medicine and Cardiology at UCLA. She loves her job because she gets to do research, teach medical students and work with complicated patients on a daily basis. Pritha is incredibly energetic and a hard worker. She is loved by her staff, her patients and her many supportive friends and family. She is a devoted wife and I know that any child would be incredibly lucky to have Pritha as a mother.

Our Family and Thoughts on Parenting:

It is only the two of us right now! We have a lot of love to give to a child that joins our twosome! We enjoy the little things in life – good food, good friends and close family. We spend a lot of time with our niece and nephew and with our friends who have children of their own. We love watching them grow and long to have a family of our own.

When it comes to raising children, we believe that a strong support system is the most important aspect. It does take a village to raise a child and we truly believe that we have such an amazing village of grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and lifelong friends who are ready and excited to help. We believe in a strong and solid education. Both our parents spent extra time with us every night as children, solidifying the lesson learned in school that day, often going ahead of the class, really preparing us for higher education and successful careers. Education in the traditional sense is important, but equally important is a diverse education and fun! We hope to surround any child with great opportunities to explore their interests in music, dance, writing, theater and sports as we were lucky enough to do when were kids. We hope to raise a well-rounded, well-educated, socially conscious and successful individual who is surrounded by the love and support of the best family and friends in the world!

We know this is only a brief introduction to us as people – we understand what a difficult choice this must be. We are two hard working, loving and compassionate people who have a lot of love to give to your child. We hope you can put your trust in us – we would be incredibly lucky to be the adoptive parents of your beautiful child.

With much admiration, love, compassion and respect,

Nik and Pritha

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