Nicholas & Alison

Dear Birth Mother:
We hope these words spark a connection with you and make us a family.
We can’t wait to have the opportunity to get to know you and talk to you about
your experiences, your hopes and dreams for the future and share our gratitude
to you for reading this letter and feeling a connection to us.

About Nicholas & Alison

We were introduced by a mutual friend more than 12 yearsago and instantly connected over our love for FOOD! Cooking and eating are an integral part of our relationship and we love to host dinner parties and cook for our family and friends. We have been married for more than 8 years and have been so privileged ever since. We were married on the beach in Malibu on April 16th 2011 and began our journey to become parents at that time. We are each other’s best friends and love spending time together. Ourweekends are always full of hiking, cooking, meeting with friends and family and watching movies. As active as we are, we also love to just chill out and relax at home with our two adorable little cats.

Meet Ali:
I was born in the suburbs outside of New York City and moved to Los Angeles when I was 6 years old with my parents and younger brother. As a kiddo in Los Angeles I was able to play sports year round, which is where I developed my love of the water and passion for the outdoors. I swam on a team for 10 years and also played Water polo throughout my high school years. Growing up in the mountains of Los Angeles I developed a passion for hiking that Nick and I continue today. I attended California State University Northridge where I earned my Bachelors and Masters degrees in Psychology and Marriage and Family Therapy. I currently work as a Marriage and Family Therapist and
run my own practice near our home. The best thing about being your own boss is the ability to take time off and be with family and care for our future child.

Meet Nick:
I was born in Chicago and moved to Los Angeles when I was four years old, however I will always be a Chicago sports fan to the extreme. I began my own sports journey playing baseball, but by the age of 12 I began a 23 year stint playing hockey. Now that I am done with contact sports, I spend much of my free time going, hiking, cooking and playing card games with Ali. My father has worked in set lighting for Hollywood nearly my whole life, so it was a natural progression for me to follow in his footsteps. I have been working in the industry for 20 years and have spent time on some amazing TV shows such as; Let’s Make a Deal, SWAT, Dr. Phil, The World Poker Tour and many others great shows. I have been so privileged to work with such amazing people and sometimes my job takes me all over the world and I have been to Uruguay, Berlin, Spain and many other countries.

Things We Enjoy as a Family:
We have traveled the world together and love to visit tropical destinations all across the globe. We honeymooned in Tahiti, but both agree Loch Ness Scotland was one of our favorite destinations. We spend almost every weekend hiking in our local trails and enjoy being outdoors as much as we
can. We initially bonded over our love of food and cooking, so we spend much time coming up with new recipes in our kitchen. As a couple we love cooking for our friends and family and host Thanksgiving every year. Since we each played sports growing up we still enjoy going to local sports games and have traveled around the country watching our favorite teams play. As a couple we have attended dozens of concerts together and are always playing music in our home. Some of our favorite concerts have been; the Dave Mathews Band, Snoop Dogg, 311, Electric Light Orchestra (ELO) and our most favorite U2!. Alison is the artistic one in the home and has painted much of the artwork on our walls.

Our Home:
We live in the suburbs of Los Angeles …right at the base of the Santa Monica mountains which is perfect for our love of hiking. Our backyard is a great sanctuary to relax, swim, and soak up the sun. We host Thanksgiving every year for our family and love to BBQ year round. Our home is full of laughter and joy, especially during our yearly Bears vs Packers football party.

Our Promise:
We realize that being parents can be the most challenging thing out there and we promise that we will go above and beyond to give your child the most amazing life he or she can ever have. We will love this little baby with every ounce of love in our bodies and we promise that our families and friends will care for and adore them as well. We know that we cannot be perfect but we can guarantee that we will learn, grow and accept any challenge that comes our way. We have been so blessed in our lives and all we want is to share our blessings with a child.


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