Michi & Connie

Dear Birth Mother,

Hello! We are Connie and Michi and we can’t thank you enough for considering us. We admire your bravery and recognize that this decision is not an easy one. We know that if you choose us, we will provide a loving, safe, and happy home for your baby. We hope that by reading this you will get to know us and our commitment we have to each other…filled with love, hope, happiness and dreams every day.

About Michi & Connie

Connie grew up in Los Angeles and Michi is originally from Chicago. We live in Sherman Oaks, a suburb of Los Angeles. We met at work in 2006 and on one of the very first get-togethers, we remember how we talked and laughed for hours. We had a mutual respect and admiration for each other that became romantic later that same year. In 2011, we got married in a beautiful ceremony (literally) encircled by family and friends. Our love for one another has grown and grown every day since!

Our home and neighborhood:

We’ve lived in our home for 13 years, we couldn’t be happier! It is a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom house in Sherman Oaks. We have a pool in the backyard. Some say it is a peaceful home, some even say it is stylish, but all who enter say it is so incredibly welcoming and warm. Ours is one of the nicest and safest suburbs in the city. Families and their dogs walk up and down our tree lined street every night. There are children of all ages in our neighborhood. Our friends’ right next door have adopted two beautiful boys and they cannot wait for us to do the same! Our house is located in a great school district with a wonderful elementary school within walking distance from our home. Our entire neighborhood closes down its streets at least once a year for a big Halloween block party that includes fire trucks and bounce houses. The neighbors are friendly and caring- it’s a wonderful place to grow up!
About Michi, by Connie:

First, her beauty caught my eye. Then, her intelligence grabbed my interest. Soon, I got to know Michi, and experienced firsthand her enormous compassion for others and her grace, and she stole my heart! That was 10 years ago. 1,000 years would not feel like enough time for me to spend with her! She is patient and loving, and I grow as a person just by knowing her. She is my best friend, my closest confidant, and my biggest cheerleader! I love us together and am so excited for our next chapter in life.
Michi is a successful Fashion Designer, and oh yeah- she paints also. She is a self-starter, very responsible, and quite fearless in business. Not braggy at all, but quietly confident enough to believe in herself, which is how she came to own her own company. She is well liked by all who she works with because she treats everybody with respect and kindness. Although Michi is soft spoken, shy, and gentle by nature, she is a subtly strong woman of substance and faith. Michi is very thoughtful in all her actions.
She also jokes around, and we enjoy belly laughs and giggling fits often, just because we love being silly together. Her humor sits perfectly with our two 10-year-old nephews. We do have a rule about jokes- they cannot be at the expense of anyone else!
She loves to give of herself to all she knows- whether by listening to a friend, lending a hand, participating in a charity, or showing up to give support. She takes the time to be caring towards herself also- with exercise, eating healthy, and making time to relax and enjoy a facial or a manicure.
Michi finds the positive in each and every moment, and is often telling me how, “Today is a perfect day to be alive!”

About Connie, by Michi:

Connie is the most gracious, outgoing, fun loving person I have ever met! I remember first meeting her, she stood out in a way that was so special. We laughed all the time, her ability to make everyone feel special is such a gift. Her energy was so contagious, along with her warmth and beauty.
I have learned so much from Connie, I feel so lucky. She takes great care of her friends and family, and is a wonderful example of what it looks like to show up and be present for all in her life! What a wonderful gift she has been for me. We have grown together as individuals and as a couple. It has truly been a beautiful journey and I feel so blessed that we have been able to share these experiences side by side. She is such a beautiful person, inside and out.
I am also amazed and in awe of Connie’s intelligence and ability to problem solve. We work together every day and it never gets old or boring. I love the way Connie is spontaneous and open to anything that comes along. We have had a lot of fun in our relationship over the years and have been lucky enough to travel and explore together.
We are both thrilled to add to our family. What a wonderful, loving and supportive mother Connie will be! I can’t wait to share these new experiences with my love and move on to our next chapter together.
Our Families:

Michi is the youngest of 3 siblings. She has an older sister and older brother that are very important in her life. They have a tremendously close bond and feel blessed to have each other. They are over the moon excited about having a niece or nephew! Michi’s sister lives close and they have a son along with 2 adopted boys from Guatemala. Marcos and Daniel are 10 years old and ask the sweetest questions…will it be a boy or girl? What will the baby look like? Where will it go to school? We all spend every Christmas, Easter, and Thanksgiving as a family. We attend Major League Baseball games together and play all sorts of games indoors and outdoors together. We have a tradition to run in a local 5K on the 4th of July with our nephews, and then watch the Huntington Beach 4th of July parade as a family. There is an abundance of hugs, kisses, laughs, love and support always.
Connie is the youngest of four sisters. They are very active in each other’s daily lives and all live close by. Her sisters share an amazing emotional connection with each other and never run out of things to talk about! They always share Mother’s Day and all Birthdays as a family. Usually, Michi’s family joins us, too! Connie has 4 nephews and one very excited niece who are so thrilled for another baby to join the family! Everyone can’t wait for us to begin this journey of becoming parents.
Our friends are our family and our family are our friends. We have many close family friends who are ready to join in the life of our child, too! We are surrounded by an incredible amount of love and unconditional support. We feel so blessed.

Our promise to you:

We are committed to being parents and are emotionally and financially ready to welcome a child into our lives. Our dedication to becoming parents has become even stronger throughout this journey towards parenthood. We will promise that when that angel arrives, we will:
• Love baby with all our might! Sing baby to sleep and be there waiting as they wake up!
• Always say “I love you” first thing and last thing each and every day, just as we have to each other for the past 10 years
• Do everything we can to nurture, protect, and most of all love baby with all our hearts!
• Inspire creativity and exploration to find their own voice
• Encourage baby their whole life to always respect who they are and to have the same respect for others
• Instill values for themselves and others in life
• Help baby to never give up on their dreams until they come true!

The decision to be parents is exciting for us! Adoption has given us the opportunity for a life filled with a bright future, excitement, and new beginnings. As parents we promise to do everything we can to nurture, protect, encourage and most of all love our child with all our hearts.
We want you to know we truly appreciate and understand the incredible gift you give us.
With loving honesty, gratitude and respect,
Michi and Connie

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