Matt & Katy

Dear Birth Parent:

Thank you so much for considering your options with such thoughtful love and care.

We also know from experience that placing a baby for adoption is a difficult and often lonely journey. There’s no manual on how to do it right or how to do it at all. Plus, it is often met with very degrees of opposition and negativity. We can offer birthparent counseling and support and more importantly we can raise our children to honor the courage, strength and love that they received from their birthparent while making this decision.

About Matt & Katy

Matt and Katy have been married for 12 years and Evelyn has been with us for 3.5 years, through the incredible gift of adoption. We all share a love of music, movies, hiking and playing outside with our dog Molly Marshmallow. We love to travel when we can as well.

Our Home:

We live in sunny Los Angeles in a charming old home with a lush yard filled with fruit trees, a sand box with a draw-bridge and lots of places to chase butterflies, pick flowers and dig in the dirt. We live in a family friendly neighborhood and often spend time riding bikes and playing in the sprinklers with other kids and parents.
Adopting parent descriptions Matt has traveled the world in his career- covering events like the Olympics and Formula One Racing. By nature, Matt has always been calm, methodical and logical.  Because of this, he is the guy we all go to for help with anything from a broken tail light to a busted air conditioner. If it’s broken, he can fix it. Katy also likes that he’s tall because he can reach things for her….that’s why she calls him “Hero”.  Matt has brown hair and blue eyes, that sometimes go green.

Katy has worked in NYC and LA on both films and well known television shows. Katy has always been creative and being from a big family, is gregarious and a bit silly. She is full of energy and can never sit still. She fills her free time with gardening, home improvement projects, hiking, exploring, reading…. well, really anything the world has to show her. She is constantly building or creating things particularly outdoors and in nature. Katy has dark brown hair and brown eyes with an olive complexion. Katy is freelance so she has been spending more time at home with Evelyn lately and will go back to work when the time is right.

Evelyn is a healthy happy 3.5 year-old girl. She is a comic genius, very athletic and everyone finds her to be vibrant and charming. She is a constant source of joy and laughter for her parents, grandparents and anyone who knows her. Evelyn has a fair complexion with bright blue eyes and amber hair. Many people say that Evelyn and Matt look alike.

Our Family :
Some of the traditions and values of our upbringing are; the importance of building bonds of love and affection through time spent together, a strong work ethic, the fact that one must never stop learning, and of course, a sense of humor.

We are a Catholic family; we celebrate Christmas, Lent, Easter, etc. – but we’re spiritually open (for example, Evelyn is at a Jewish Preschool and Katy practices Yoga) We have friends and family of many faiths and beliefs.

Our Thoughts on Parenting :

We understand the need for providing a stable and loving environment for a child.  We are learning to cultivate longer and longer stretches of patience and trying to nurture and teach both basic survival skills like tying shoes and pulling up your pants, but more importantly the importance of empathy for others.

In these past 3.5 years we have become first time parents through the gift of adoption.
Adoption has brought us immeasurable growth and joy, but also hope. Hope for our future of course, but also for Evelyn’s future and the future of her birthparents.
We have learned firsthand the importance of parenting adoptive children with honesty and transparency.  Most importantly we have learned that love can only grow when shared.
For us, parenting is about supporting our children and staying connected to them emotionally, intellectually, physically, and spiritually. For these reasons we value simple family traditions – like eating together at the dinner table or decorating a Christmas tree. We value communication and forgiveness and hope to parent our children by exemplifying these traits in our marriage and in how we behave ourselves.
We generally aim to raise good citizens who have a strong confident center and can express love, fairness and compassion for others.

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