Mark & Courtney

Dear Birth Parent:

We want to thank you for the decision you’re considering.  We know it is really (really, really, really…) tough, and you’re probably having a lot of overwhelming feelings.  Thank you for taking the time to read our profile.  We recognize the beautiful role you could play in our lives, that you could be growing “our” baby (or two?!) in your tummy right now, and we want you to know that if you were to chose us, you’d always have a very important part in your baby’s story.  If we are lucky enough to parent your baby, know that it would change our lives for the better, and fulfil our lifelong dreams of becoming parents.  Big hugs to you, you are courageous, strong and wonderful, and if you feel like we could be a match, please reach out.

About Mark & Courtney

We met in 2010, in San Luis Obispo, CA, on a dating site, and set up our first date for that Friday. That Thursday however, we were texting back and forth and discovered we were having dinner at restaurants next door to each other. Mark asked if he could pop over to say hi, and Courtney said “sure.” Mark walked in the door, and Courtney’s childhood friend stood up and said “That’s my cousin!” The rest is history, and three years and one Goldendoodle later, we were married. Courtney, owned a wedding hair and makeup business, and worked in a salon. Mark worked for an environmental consulting company and as a reserve firefighter for Pismo Beach. In 2016 Mark was offered a position with Los Angeles City Fire Department, and Courtney agreed to make the 3.5 hour move down to LA.

Our Home:

After living in LA for 6 months, we purchased our home in San Pedro, (voted Best Neighborhood in 2017) 9 houses from Mark’s parents.  Our neighborhood is known as Vista Del Oro; situated on a peninsula, surrounded by sunny beaches, the L.A. harbor, and beautiful hills.  We can walk to the beach and to nature hikes, with vistas from downtown Los Angeles to Catalina Island.  We’re two blocks from our favorite park, complete with a duck and turtle pond and rolling hills.  And we’re close to Disneyland and Dodger Stadium! We know many our neighbors, since Mark grew up here, and some of them are our closest friends.  Our home is a beachy bungalow with 3 bright bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and a family room that opens up to our beautiful yard, it’s the perfect home for a family.  We live with our three relaxed pups: Goldendoodle Hunter (7),  Labradoodle Dodger (2), and Yorkie Poppy (4).  Our yard has a garden area full of fruits and veggies, a BBQ and eating area under a pergola we built, a patio area, and a grassy lawn.  Courtney makes jams, jellies and sauces with her garden bounty, and Mark’s often manning the smoker or BBQ throughout the afternoon, tantalizing the neighborhood with the scent of salmon or tri-tip.  We take long walks several days a week with our pups.  Courtney’s favorite walk is by the tide pools; at low tide there are amazing pools with giant sea cucumbers lulling about, starfish, and other sea life that is usually tucked away under the tides.  We’re a very mellow couple.  We cook dinner together every night Mark is home, usually swaying to Frank Sinatra or other golden oldies.  We love to spend time at home, with Mark tinkering in the garage and Courtney poking around the yard.  We feel like we’re at the perfect place for our first child (or two!?).  The bedroom across from us will be our nursery, and we can’t wait to decorate it when a little one comes along.  Our pups adore children, as they’ve grow up with our nieces and nephews, but we know that when they finally have their own little one they’ll be in heaven.

Introducing Mark:

Is a firefighter, Mark has a tough job, but on the inside Mark is a very sweet, sensitive guy.  All of his best qualities are the qualities I believe you need to be a great dad.  He’s incredibly patient, and very loving.  I know he’ll be right there to soothe a crying baby and he’s already said he won’t mind waking in the middle of the night for feedings or diaper changes.  Mark is also looking forward to “baby wearing,” which I think will be so cute.  He also is a fun fur-dad to our pups, and he’s always there to throw the ball or snuggle with them.  Mark has a huge heart for animals, which is something I really love about him.  Mark also is quite the family man, he’s so loved by his cousins that they all have a running joke that they’re “Mark’s favorite cousin,” because everyone wants to be!  He has a close group of friends, and they’re excited for us and this adoption adventure we’ve embarked on.  His friends are just starting their families, and we look forward to having all our children grow up together. Mark grew up exceptionally close to his Italian grandmother (who also lives up the street); he speaks some Italian and he’s spent quite a bit of time in Italy.  Mark is also an excellent cook, learning from his Italian grandmother.  He is Catholic, and we go to church frequently.  Mark was born to dad, and I can’t wait to finally see him in action when the time comes.

Introducing Courtney:

Courtney is quirky, smart, thoughtful, and loving towards everyone.  She embraces people’s differences and isn’t afraid to make her own path.  She values God, family, and integrity; and she will work to teach these to our child.  She is a great fur-mom and she’s a very caring and attentive auntie to our niece and nephews; I know that will translate to how great of a mom she will be.  You can really get a feel for the love and kindness that she has when you see her around animals and our family.  She’s also a great wife and has proven time and time again how valuable she is to me and our families.  She is always stepping up to plan family parties and holidays.  She also has been a tremendous help to my family by spending time with my grandma, sometimes helping her with cooking or chauffeuring her to the store or a doctor appointment.  I can’t wait to spend time with Courtney and our little one in the garden, in the kitchen baking something delicious, or on an outdoor adventure.  A fun fact is one of Courtney’s best friends is also pursuing adoption, and we’re all excited to grow our families through adoption together.  Courtney was born to be a mom, and I know that she is going to love every moment of it.

Our Families:

We are blessed to have strong relationships with our families.  Courtney’s parents and siblings live up in San Luis Obispo, as does Mark’s brother.  Courtney has two brothers, one sister in law, and one niece and two nephews (ages 6, 4, and 1). Mark has one brother and sister in law and one nephew (age1).  It’s the perfect time to add a cousin to the bunch, and both families are anticipating loving on our baby.  Mark’s dad is a Delta Airline Captain, and his mom is a retired teacher.  Courtney’s dad is an attorney, and her mom is a stay at home mom.  Together we have a giant extended family that we’re very close with.  With such large families, holidays are wonderfully full.  We both have strong family traditions, and we look forward to sharing those with our children, and to creating our own traditions.  Courtney loves to host holidays, and we have often hosted combined holidays with both families, which are our favorite kind (the more the merrier!).  We also still have all our grandmothers!  Courtney’s are each 91 years young, and Mark’s are in their late 80s.  They are all over the moon excited for us to welcome a little one.

Our Thoughts on Parenting:

We both grew up going to church regularly, and our parents instilled high morals and values deep within us.  They set the foundation through love first, and then communication, boundaries, and consequences, and we anticipate raising our children the same.  Respect, individuality and embracing differences is also very important.  Mark is excited to teach our children about perseverance, sportsmanship, and teamwork through sports (he’s coached just about everything and looks forward to coaching our children), and Courtney is excited to work with our children outdoors, and instill in them a deep love for nature and the beautiful world we live in.  We’re both so excited for the little daily things, like long hugs, kisses, reading books in silly voices, lullabies and nursery rhymes…  And we’re excited to see the world through our child’s eyes.  Really, we’re excited, and ready, for everything!  We feel like our parent’s set wonderful examples for us, even as adults we can call them (or walk 9 houses down!) for their opinions and support, and we too plan on being there for our children until our last breath.

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