Levi & Stacie

Dear Birth Mom,

We are Stacie and Levi in Los Angeles.  Thank you for taking the time to get to know a little bit about us.  We’ve both spent a number of years working with children as teachers, and want to take the next step in our lives to raise a child.  We respect the choice you’re making and hope to learn more about you and your hopes for your child and the future.

We want to raise a child to feel safe and strong, to be curious about the world and to have the courage to be imperfect.  Being social, figuring out how stuff works, and trying out new things is important to us and we will do our best to provide those experiences for a child.  We are lucky enough to work with people from a lot of different walks of life such as artists, athletes, entrepreneurs, gardeners, engineers, and teachers. We each grew up with tremendous parental support — as well as the freedom to choose who we want to be in the world, and we will keep paying that forward.

About Levi & Stacie

Our start together We met thirteen years ago at university. We found out we have many important things in common, especially our love for the outdoors and for teaching. We soon began spending time with one another’s families and friends. We married ten years ago and really enjoy sharing life with each other, our family, and our network of friends. There are a lot of things we enjoy, that we look forward to sharing with a child. Please don’t hesitate to ask us about any of these activities: ● Helping kids read ● Creative cooking, and even Molecular Gastronomy ● Making new friends from around the world ● Hosting pool parties, tea parties, and dinner parties at our home for family and friends ● Organizing outdoor parties and cookouts at the park and the beach ● Attending events at public spaces such as zoos, museums, and national parks ● Making things - including creating maker-spaces where families come to make stuff ● Helping kids learn to do science or computer programming ● Canoe racing (Stacie), Distance running (Levi) ● Traveling to explore cities, nature, and farms

About Stacie, by Levi:

Stacie is the most enthusiastic, energetic, and supportive person I know.  She’s always willing to give anything a shot, and puts a lot of energy into motivating her students to do likewise.  I’m always amazed by her endurance for canoe racing, and for life in general.

Stacie grew up in southern Oregon with an older brother and sister.  After high school she moved to California and explored a number of different careers, ranging from banking to managing a restaurant. Stacie was then able to go to college where she became interested in teaching high school science - which is her career now. On top of all of these experiences she’s traveled to a number of places all over the world.

She provided childcare to her older sister’s kids, and also loves being an aunt to my brother’s daughter.  With Stacie’s willingness to try anything out, and her love of teaching and being a mentor, she’ll be a great parent.


About Levi, by Stacie:

Levi is phenomenal.  He is a hard worker who is loved by his boss and his colleagues due to his positive attitude, his creativity, his productivity, and his sense of humor.  He is outgoing and has built a wide network of professional friends at home and overseas with whom he collaborates with.  Levi is a scientist whose priority is to create opportunities for school-age youth to do their own science projects.  Levi especially enjoys the projects he has designed with high school students that combine studying nature outdoors along with time spent analyzing and modelling nature in the science lab.

Levi’s confidence comes from his parents who, like us, met in college and bonded over a love of learning.  Levi’s family is incredibly close and loving, which has been great to become a part of.  Levi’s brother and sister-in-law have a two-year old daughter (Eva).  Before I met Levi, I did not foresee myself marrying anyone, but seeing how caring Levi is with the various kids in our lives, has changed my mind about starting a family together with someone else.


Our Family & Friends:

Stacie’s parents live north of San Francisco, her brother’s family is in Tokyo, and her sister’s family is in Los Angeles.  We meet every year for a family trip at Christmas - usually in the mountains in California or the beach in Hawaii, but once to Belize and once to Korea.  Levi’s family is in the midwest, with his parents in Chicago and his brother’s family in Milwaukee.  We travel there to spend time with them.

We are good at keeping friends close, even when they live far away from Los Angeles.  One of our friends is an adoptive parent, and twice each year we meet with their family for a vacation - sometimes in Seattle, sometimes Los Angeles, sometimes farther away.  We love being part of their lives - one kid is in middle-school and one is in elementary.


Where We Live:

We value living in a place where people of diverse cultures come together.  Los Angeles has many such neighborhoods.  We own a condo in the Koreatown neighborhood of Los Angeles.  In two years, we are looking forward to buying a larger home in Los Angeles, which neighborhood we choose will depend on the needs of the child.  In Koreatown and the surrounding neighborhoods, there are many young families, as well as schools, libraries, and museums.  We collaborate with several professionals at the local schools, universities, and museums, so it’s a pretty stimulating place to grow up.



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