Judit & Elizabeth

Dear Birthmother,
Hello & Welcome !
We are deeply honored that you are considering including us as part of your journey! We are so excited to start this new chapter of our lives by adding to our family through open adoption. Becoming parents has always been our dream, and we can’t wait to share our life with a child.
We invite you to look inside of our lives, get to know us!
We look forward to get to know you, too!

About Judit & Elizabeth

We met in Hungary in 2012, while Elizabeth was on a work trip. After one and a half years of dating, living 8000 miles away from each other, frequent traveling to see each other and lots of good byes - we decided, that Judit should move to the US and we started to build our life together. In 2014, we got married in Los Angeles and we still live here.We remember the first time, what we spent together as a feeling of security. We both knew at those very first moments, that we arrived home with each other.From that point, it did not matter where we were in the World. We knew we had a place to live - next to each other. Home is where we are together. We always keep in focus what is the most essential for us in life: respecting and loving each other, working as a team, growing together and individually, supporting and pushing each other, traveling, meeting with new people, having financial security and a family which includes animals and children.

Judit (written by Elizabeth):

“What I love about Judit is how driven she is and passionate she is about herself and life. What she has accomplished since moving from Europe to the US is absolutely amazing.
She is self-confident, strong, compassionate, caring, funny, and loving. Her ambition and strength is inspiring and encouraging everyone in their lives.

Based on her natural instincts, characteristics and skills, Judit is meant to be a mother. It is unbelievable how naturally children and babies are drawn to her. She is the real Baby Whisperer! Children are so at ease with her and love to learn new things from her.

I am more than excited to become a parent with Judit by my side and create new memories as a family."

Judit is a birth and postpartum doula. She educates and supports women during pregnancy, labor, childbirth and during the postpartum period.
Her job as a birth doula is to prepare women for birth and help them cope with labor.
She teaches new parents how to take care of their babies and makes sure they are confident in their new roles as mothers and fathers.
Many families have trusted Judit to be their infants/newborns nanny. She works as a nanny with clients that she previously provided doula support.
Judit originally studied to be a pre-K teacher and she specialized in early childhood development.

Elizabeth (written by Judit):
"I do not know a single person on this Planet, who would not like Elizabeth. She puts everyone before herself, she has such a big heart.
She makes me a better person. She is the heart and soul of our family, the glue what helps us through each day.
I admire her both in her personal and professional life. She is like an unbreakable rock, there is no challenge she could not find solution for. There is no one else, whom with I rather live my life with.

I have seen Elizabeth with children, and I know she will be just as good of a mother as she is as a wife. She is kind, loving, sweet and caring! I can already picture her teaching our child how to paddle board and see her sharing her favorite, the chocolate eclairs selflessly”

Elizabeth went to culinary school after high school, and she was lucky enough to find a job with an amazing mentor.
She moved to Los Angeles and started to work in restaurants next to LA's most celebrated chefs.
In time she learned that she was happier working as a personal chef in people's homes.
She is now one of LA's most regarded personal chefs. She works with high profile clients including celebrities, Forbes 500s and even politicians.

Our home:

In 2016, we bought our very first home together. A big and beautiful California Craftsman style home, completely remodeled and equipped with all the perks a modern, new house should have. We have a huge garden, where we could potentially enjoy pool time digging in the sand box or playing hide and seek with our child. Our neighborhood is a place you see in movies.
Living in Los Angeles and California gives us endless opportunities to enjoy as a family. We can hardly imagine a better place to live and raise a child.
We are excited to rediscover the Science Center, revisit the La Brea Tar pits, play together by the ocean and go on countless adventures, hikes and road trips with our kiddo.

Things we like to do:

We like to think of ourselves us fun, easygoing and adventurous people, who also appreciate the quality time spent at home. We are thrilled to be able to share some of our favorite activities with one more person. We look forward for the moment when it will be three of us riding the Santa Monica ferris wheel on clear Sundays. We cannot wait for the first Halloween to dress up in all matching outfits. Of coarse, we can already taste those cookies we will bake together in our kitchen from our mothers’ original recipe books.
But our biggest dream is to share the experience of traveling. We are lucky enough, that we have families on two continents and with every visit we can collect a new adventure. We believe, that the more we see from this beautiful world and its people, the more open- minded we become.

Our parenting goals:

We talked a lot about, what is important to us in building our family. We both strongly believe in attachment parenting, which means we will always communicate with our child openly and will cherish, respect his or her roots. We will love unconditionally and will fill our home with endless laughter, cuddles and open arms. We will provide security and positive guidance. We will create countless memories, new traditions and share old ones.


A Thank You, A Promise & A Good Bye!

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for taking the time to read through this page and consider us to be the parents of your child.

We promise, if you give us the chance we will welcome you and your child into our lives with open hearts.
We pledge, we will always honor your courage and strength, and will never forget about you.
We vow, we will be the best two mommies you could ever wish for your child. He or she will be the center of our universe,

It is our deepest hope that you share some of our passions and value our parenting goals. We also hope, that you will choose us and that we could travel down this path together. We would love to provide a warm, safe and loving home to our child!
We are anxiously waiting to hear from you and to get to know you!

With Love,
Elizabeth & Judit

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