Joe & Carlos

Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for taking the time to read through our profile. While we will never be able to understand what you are currently experiencing, we hope that, together, this can be a positive journey. We commend your strength and bravery in making this selfless decision, and we hope and pray you will find some comfort in knowing that we will welcome a child into our home with open arms, and we will always have unconditional love for them.

About Joe & Carlos

We met at a very young age and have been together for over twelve years. We truly grew into the men we are together. From the very beginning, we knew that we wanted to share the rest of our lives together and share our love with a family of our own. After being together for six years, we finally wed in New York City in 2011. Our personalities complement each other perfectly, with Joseph being the cautious optimist and Carlos filling our lives with excitement. Joseph is a cyber security engineer for a defense contractor, and Carlos is a freelance esthetician. When not working, we love spending time together, going on hikes or long walks at the beach.

 Our Home:

We live in a wonderfully decorated home in sunny Southern California, in a family-friendly neighborhood we share with our two small dogs. Our house is filled with love and laughter, with many friends nearby and frequent visits from family, including our seven nieces and nephews. We are near many parks that we love strolling through and are only a short drive from many beaches and family-oriented attractions that we can’t wait to share and experience with your child.

 Adopting parent descriptions:

About Carlos:

                Carlos is kind, loving and dedicated. He truly puts the family above anything else. He is also one of the most supportive and patient people I know. When he’s has free time, Carlos loves being outdoors. He loves days at the beach, going on hikes and taking in nature.

About Joseph:

                Joseph is extremely dedicated and hard-working. When he puts his mind to something, he will make it happen. He loves spending time with his family and when he has free time, he loves cooking, hiking and doing obstacle course races.

Our Family:

We were both raised in households where the principles of family, faith, and unity were strongly valued. Joseph’s family is small, as he only has a single brother; however, holidays were always shared with his extended family in town. Church and God were always a big part of the family, with Joseph reading the scripture at 7am mass, which he attended with his parents and grandparents weekly.

Carlos grew up with two older siblings and lots of extended family nearby. He has fond memories of spending time in the woods and camping with the family. Sundays were always special, where everyone would get together, eat food, and reflect on their week together.

The holidays are always a special time for both of our families. We have made a tradition of spending Easter with our God-daughters, painting eggs, having Easter egg hunts, and enjoying the day with a barbecue prepared by Carlos at the beach. On Christmas, Joseph loves assisting with cooking the family meal, including the always-present Red Velvet Christmas cake. We get so much joy out of spending time with family, watching everyone open gifts, and enjoying the season.

 Our Thoughts on Parenting:

We have both been raised around lots of nieces and nephews including our 2 God Daughters. We have been privileged to watch them grow up and see their personalities bloom. Some of our most precious memories with them have been pool days teaching them to swim or cook outs at the beach. We cannot wait to have these experiences and many more with a child of our own.

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