Jesus & Jasmine

Dear Birth Mother,

They said we wouldn’t make it. How could two kids in high school survive falling in love and dating nine years before getting married? But we did it. We committed our lives to each other, promising that we would push through every challenge together.

When we were 18 years old, we went away to college (our colleges were an eight-hour drive from each other), and ended up graduating at the top of our classes. Our parents are immigrants (we’re a crazy mix of Mexican/Puerto Rican, and Chinese/Mexican), so they watched with pride as we decided to follow our dreams.

Jasmine got a scholarship to UCLA Law School and JD worked at a start-up company in Los Angeles until Jasmine’s mom was diagnosed with brain cancer. Jasmine left law school to be with her mom and JD supported the family every day when they got married in 2005.

From the moment we married on a sandy beach in Hawaii, we knew we were going to adopt a child. Not because we had to, but because we wanted to. Our hearts were prepared to love a baby with two mothers (a birth mom and an adoptive mom)…and we couldn’t be more excited to make our dreams a reality.

Our entire lives we’ve remained dedicated to supporting each other, our families, and the people we love….this includes you and our future baby. We’d love to get to know you better, so please feel free to connect with us.

Much Love and Appreciation,

JD and Jasmine

About Jesus & Jasmine

A note to JD from Jasmine: I dream of the day I get to see you as a dad. All the things you'll do with our little one like walks with the dog, swimming in the ocean and hosting friends/ family for dinner will be all my new favorite memories. A note to Jasmine from JD: Jasmine, I love your ability to make people feel seen and heard. If our little one is anything like you, I know our child will treat others with kindness and be a voice to the voiceless. I can't wait to start a family with you!

A Letter to Our Future Child

We loved you before we knew you. We’ve spent our lives waiting to hold you and show you how beautiful the world is.

When we met, we were just 17-years old, but we committed our lives to each other, promising that we would push through every challenge together. When you join our family, we will make the same promise to you.

We promise to teach you about God’s love and raise you in a Christian home.

We promise to be patient, kind, and splurge on dessert most nights.

We promise to take you on trips around the world.

We promise you a home of laughter, joy, and safety at all times.

We promise to remind you that you were a gift given to us, after waiting years to meet you.

We promise to stay up late reading books and wake up early to watch the sun rise on vacation.

We promise to provide the best education.

We promise you a life full of grandparents, aunties, uncles, and cousins who love you more than they could ever express.

We cannot wait to show you the world and support you as you follow your wildest hopes and dreams.

We love you.


Your future mom and dad

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