Jeff & Amy

Birth Mother:

Thank you for letting us provide you with a snapshot of our lives. We are deeply grateful for your consideration. Your strength shines through in your courageous decision. We are ready to give your child all our love, support and every opportunity we possibly can.

About Jeff & Amy

Who says you can’t fall in love on a roller coaster? We met when we were 16 as ride operators at a theme park. We always felt a connection and maintained a friendship for over twenty years as our lives went different directions. But, as fate would have it, we reconnected 7 years ago and have been together ever since. We have always lived in Southern California and it remains the perfect home base for both of our careers. Jeff is a firefighter paramedic and Amy works in local government. We live in a suburban area with great schools, parks, and playgrounds just short walks from our home. Our home sits at the end of a street that is known for its amazing Christmas light displays. Each December thousands of cars drive through and families walk arm and arm to enjoy the dazzling spectacle. Lights shine, carolers sing, fire pits are ablaze and friends and family relish in the Christmas joy. We love being a part of it and can’t wait to share the traditions with our growing family.

Meet Amy

Amy is nurturing, patient, loving, optimistic and caring and she looks forward to raising our own child with these same values. Amy works in the tourism field and really loves it. It is fun to help others plan their own family vacations and share with them all of the things that make the community special so they can then plan their own adventures! Amy loves traveling, hiking, reading, the ocean and entertaining friends and family.

My friends and family have always been the center of my life, with many close friends that I have known since high school. I am fortunate to live near my mom so we can always get together for a quick visit to catch up or a nice long afternoon! I love watching her with her grandchildren as her nurturing nature reminds me of my childhood and makes me value all that she instilled in me to one day pass on to my own child.

Meet Jeff

I followed my life-long passion to become a firefighter. I spent many years gaining valuable experiences training to be a fireman while attending a fire academy, working for an ambulance company and as a volunteer firefighter. After 10 years of perseverance my hard work paid off and I become a full time employed firefighter over a decade ago.

I have always been adventurous, thoughtful, curious, and love helping others. I trained to be a paramedic, and travel with the international team to various countries around the world to assist during natural disasters. But most important to me are Amy and my friends and family. We travel to Colorado regularly to visit my parents and sister and Amy I love to vacation together and often bring our love for Dodger baseball into the mix frequenting baseball games across the nation during our travels.

 Our life together

Shortly after moving into our house, we adopted a boxer dog rescue named Max. He is great with children and loves playing with our nephews. We love the outdoors and often take Max to the beach, on a variety of hikes and out to enjoy picnics. Jeff is a romantic and is always surprising Amy in little ways. We surround ourselves with friends from all parts of our life and really love spending time with them.  A safe, secure home filled with much love, happiness and laughter is what we have to offer, in addition to providing endless encouragement and opportunities for a child through a close-nit family, education, extra-curricular activities and an optimistic outlook on everything we do!

Our family

We both come from close knit, loving families and have three nephews and bonus children through all of our friends whom we adore. We regularly plan get-togethers with our friends and have the advantage of having a fire department family as well! Holidays are spent with our immediate family in California and in Colorado. But, occasionally Jeff has to work holidays. When that happens it is all hands on deck at the fire station and every family that has a fireman on the job comes together. The firemen cook up a delicious meal and we all spend a wonderful evening together while the children play and the wives catch up. There’s always time for rides in the fire trucks too!

A few last things…

Becoming friends 25 years ago and working together through any obstacle in life, we can honestly say that we are stronger today than we have ever been. We appreciate all the beauty, joy and hope in life. We have always dreamed of building a family together, having so much to offer from the way we were both raised and can't wait to shower a child with love, guidance and laughter. We want to encourage exploration and independence in a child and teach them kindness and respect while surrounding them with unconditional love.

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