Jace & Jon

Dear Birth Mom:

Hello!  We hope this glimpse into our lives helps you get to know us as you consider an adoptive family for your child. We admire your strength in making this decision, and hope to soon provide a life of opportunity, love, and support as fathers.

About Jace & Jon

Our journey together started in 2004 when we met on the beach playing volleyball. We discovered and enjoyed our common interests of travelling, cooking, hiking, and crafting. Both of our families have close ties to Hawaii, so we share similar values and have enjoyed many trips back to the islands. We moved in together in 2008 and have journeyed together ever since. Wanting to bring our families together and make our relationship official, we got married in 2015 at the Long Beach Aquarium. We’re blessed to have a supportive family, success in our professional lives, and are excited to extend the commitment, love, and support we have for each other to our child.

This is Jace (by Jon) :

Jace has a wide variety of interests and can usually find common ground with everyone he meets.  His ability to converse on a variety of topics, along with his laid-back demeanor, is what I think makes Jace so approachable.  He’s attentive, empathetic, and can understand different perspectives with ease.  His light-hearted sense of humor is able to bring a smile to the faces of those he meets.  Originally from Hawaii, Jace is very proud of his homeland, where his parents and extended family still live.   Since his sisters are also on the West Coast, he makes sure to plan annual trips to Hawaii, San Francisco, and Seattle so we can all spend time together.

I know that as a new father, he’ll be able to call on his experiences in helping to raise his younger sisters when he was a child himself.  Along the lines of being a supportive father, Jace will be a wonderful teacher to our child, given his varied interests and thirst for knowledge.  His inherent selfless nature, expressed when he takes care of me when I am sick or when he helps take care of our grandparents, makes me have no doubt that he was destined to be a father.

This is Jon (by Jace) :

Jon has an amazing balance of both objectivity and creativity.  As an engineer, I know he gravitates towards logic and order, yet he is amazing with a paintbrush and canvas – our home is filled with his art and craft projects.  Jon’s strong family values attracted me to him when we first met.  His parents taught him the importance of cherishing time together as a family and supporting each other.  I am fortunate to be part of their weekly family dinners, extravagant holiday parties, and fun family vacations.

I cannot wait to parent together with Jon.  His zest for activity and accomplishment will make him a great father.  I know that he will always find time to play with our child and will always be there to support his or her hopes and dreams.  With his balanced way of thinking and his deep connection with his family, I can already see him being a terrific dad!

Where We Live:

Our two-bedroom, cottage-style house has a wraparound patio. On our walls, you’ll find photos of our families, landmarks from our vacations, and original artwork.  In our backyard, you’ll find floral bushes, lemon and lime trees.  There are many outdoor, family-friendly activities within our white picket-fence community, including tennis and basketball courts, parks with playground equipment, and a walking trail just outside our house where we take a walk most mornings.  Our city is well-known for being among the safest in the nation, and we enjoy a diverse mix of restaurants and shops nearby.  Disneyland is a quick 20 minutes away, as are a number of great beaches, museums, and theaters.

Our Family and Thoughts on Parenting :

We were both raised with the spirit of `ohana, which means ‘family’ in Hawaiian.  We value togetherness, love, and respect for our families, which are very important to us.  We’re lucky to meet up weekly with Jon’s family, who lives about 30 minutes away, for weekly family dinners, birthdays, and most holidays (New Years, Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas).  While Jace’s immediate family is in Hawaii, his extended family also lives nearby, and they get together on the same holidays as well!  At both family gatherings, lots of food, laughter, and stories are shared.

Both families value togetherness and achievement.  As we’re both sons of teachers, we were both raised with a passion for education and to be college graduates. But while lifelong learning is important, so too is taking care of family; honoring our parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents (Jace still has one) is also a core value to both of us.  Both families are so excited and eager for our `ohana to grow through adoption.

We think we’re ready to raise a child and are eager to give them the educational and financial opportunities that we enjoyed as youth.  But more importantly, a child enjoying good health and happiness is what will truly bless us.  We’re excited for the commitment, compromise, and sacrifice we know parenting calls for from us.

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