Erik & Rachel


Thank you so much for reading our letter and learning about us. First of all, we wanted to say that we admire your courage and caring, and can only imagine the complex emotions you must be feeling on this journey. We have the uttermost respect for your decision.

About Erik & Rachel

We met at an artist friend’s gallery opening, and had a very passionate discussion about life in Los Angeles. We saw each other a few times after that, but it wasn’t until we met again by chance almost a year later that we decided to go on a date. For our first date we were going to just have a coffee together in the morning but ended up spending the whole day together and this is pretty much how our relationship has been since. We love spending time together and discussing everything together – and we make each other laugh! We both love movies, music, books traveling, so even with our different backgrounds, we have plenty in common!

We look forward to getting to know you, and understanding your hopes and aspirations for your child. We would love nothing more than to welcome your child into our family and provide a loving, nurturing, stable and supportive environment – not to mention a very loving and caring big sister. We hope to build with you an open, ongoing relationship built on mutual respect and understanding, based on your comfort levels.

About Rachel (by Erik):
My wife is an incredibly loving and tender soul. She always puts others before herself, I try to learn from her example. My wife has an ability to always see the best in a person, even if they can't see it themselves. She is also super smart and responsible. She has built an amazing career for herself and has done so without ever compromising her own integrity and commitment to others. She loves traveling and hiking, but also loves the quiet moments at home with the whole family. Whether it’s a lazy Sunday morning with Shoshana and I, or indulging in superhero movies with the whole family squeezed onto the couch, quality time at home is what really makes her happy.

About Erik (by Rachel):
Erik is an amazing family man - family values are really part of his core values. He is an amazing dad and teaches all kinds of sports to our daughter Shoshana, as well as fun science facts; he introduces her to music and the movies he loved when he was a kid (Star Wars for example!). I just love to see how much fun they are having together. He loves to build family traditions and to celebrate all the holidays together. Erik constantly amazes me with all the different aspects of his personality. He loves surfing, skating, motorcycles and Lacrosse, but he also can absorb himself in books for hours and can be a science nerd when he gets into it!

Our careers:
We’re both passionate about what we do and are also very fortunate that we both have jobs that can afford flexible hours. Rachel is an art conservator specializing in contemporary art and working at the Getty Conservation Institute in Los Angeles. Erik works as an editor and director for commercials and documentaries.

What we love to do/what we do for fun:

Living in Southern California is a blessing and we love to take full advantage of all it has to offer. We go to the beach almost every weekend; even when it’s too cold to swim, it’s fun to explore and play in the sand and we know how lucky we are to live so close to the ocean.

We also love to hike (our daughter calls it “adventuring”) in the Santa Monica Mountains, explore and build tree houses, go for picnics and just enjoy nature! We like to go on bike rides in the neighborhood, and go to the many amazing Museums Los Angeles has to offer.

We really love to travel as a family, whether it’s to France to visit Rachel’s family, to the East Coast to visit Erik’s family, to explore Southern California, or to rent a house with friends in Mexico.

Lastly, we are true movie lovers and once in a while we’ll pick a kid movie for the whole family to watch and call it a “special night”.

Our home and community:
Our friends and extended family:

We live in the neighborhood of Venice beach. Many of our neighbors in the street have kids and we are very friendly with them. We love to have people over especially in summer when we can barbeque in our backyard – our dinners and barbecues are very popular among our friends who always ask “when is the next one?”

Erik’s family lives on the east coast – Erik’s mom visits very often and we visit them at least once a year to see Erik’s brothers and give a chance to the cousin to spend time together – it’s amazing how quickly they reconnect every time!

Rachel’s family is in Paris, France. They visit sometimes and we visit them once or twice a year on average. It is great to give Shoshana a chance to get to know her French family and get familiar with French culture – she loves the riding the Metro in Paris and knows all her favorite French pastries!

We also have a tight crew of very close friends who are like aunts and uncles to Shoshana. All of our friends and family are very supportive of our wish to adopt and cannot wait to meet the new member of the family!

Thank you and closing:
Thank you for taking the time to learn about us. We are very excited about growing our family. Nervous too of course, but with all the love we have in our little family, we look forward to sharing it. We truly hope you will like us and we look forward to meeting and getting a chance to know you.

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