Darius & Jennifer

Dear birth parent:

We have talked about adoption for years. I have friend who have adopted and/or were adopted. We want to be a family and this is how we have decided to proceed in fulfilling that dream. We are ready to be parents. Sometimes I watch Darius play with the dog and think, “I got to get this man and real baby!” Truly we have some much love to give. I think about being a Mom and I just smile. In my heart I know this is meant to be and I know there is a child out there for us.

About Darius & Jennifer

Darius and I both enjoy spending time with extended family. We just had two of my sisters visiting over the summer. Darius prides himself on being the “cool” uncle. He loves to take the kids to Hollywood and share the history. All of my nieces and nephews love Darius! We attend family reunions for both families. Last year I took my Mom to Virginia for her family reunion. She had not seen her family in many years because she was busy taking care of my father. She was so happy to see all of her brothers and sisters, she has eight in total and they are all still living! Family means a lot to both of us.

Our family is filled with love and humor. Darius and I have been married for fifteen years. We love each other dearly and our house is filled with laughter. We both work very hard and look forward to the time that we spend together.

Our neighborhood is family friendly. I actually grew up in the same neighborhood in the same house. We know all of our neighbors. It is a dream to have our home and to be so close to my Mom. She looks forward to a new grandchild. There are seven grandchildren in total.

I think that we both just assumed that we would be able to have children, I always new that I wanted to be a mother. Darius will be a wonderful father. I have been keeping a journal for our child. I want him/her to know what our life was like without him/her and how excited we are to have a new baby. There are so many people in our family waiting to love this baby. When I told my sister that we were going to adopt she said, what a lucky baby!

I have really looked forward to using my knowledge of early childhood education. I imagine reading some of my favorite books. I have always wanted to have an impact on a child’s life. I am sure that in someway I have done this through my classes and work with young children. However, I know that there is nothing like having a child of your own.

Darius loves cars, clothes and taking care of our dog “Baby”. He is so much fun to be around. He enjoys taking care of his cars and going to car shows. He is the best dressed man that I know! He is a big James Bond fan. I love finding vintage posters and other movie memorabilia to give to him as Christmas presents.

We live our lives with integrity and faith. We are dreamers. We both feel that it important to think about future goals and the steps you must take to reach them. We are very content with our lives together. We try to experience life and enjoy everyday. We like to travel and spend time with family.

A child will complete us. Together our lives will be extraordinary. Together we will love, laugh and live.

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