Danielle & Ali

Dear Birth Mother,

Thank you so much for taking the time to get to know us. We are honored and grateful to be considered as part of your adoption plan. We cannot imagine what a difficult decision this must be for you and we honor and respect your courageous decision to consider adoption. We couldn’t be more excited to grow our family through adoption and we promise, if chosen, to provide your child with a loving, safe, happy home with us.

About Danielle & Ali

We met as part of a basketball league in Burbank, California in 2008. Being on rival teams did not stop Danielle from pursuing Ali by joining her book club in 2010. We went on our first date shortly thereafter and found we shared many interests and passions that helped to build the foundation of our relationship. We are both avid animal lovers, enjoy exploring the outdoors, and share a strong commitment to family and friends. We dated for several years before moving in together in 2013. We got engaged while traveling in Europe with our friends and we were married in 2015 surrounded by friends and family. While our lives are filled with the sound of furry feet running the floors of our house, our family will not feel complete without the pitter-patter of baby feet joining in. We both have adoption in our families and we could not be more excited to grow our family through adoption.

Fun Facts:

• Danielle grew up on the set of the TV show M*A*S*H
• Ali could swim before she could walk.
• Danielle loves to make up voices for every animal she sees
• Ali sometimes responds as if the animals are really talking to her
• Danielle has run a marathon, several half marathons, and her fair share of turkey trots
• Ali wakes up early to cheer Danielle on race day, while wrangling their dogs Foster and Miles
• Ali does 2-mile ocean swims and gets scared by the seaweed more than sharks
• Danielle and Ali have bottle fed several litters of kittens and made sure they went to good “forever homes”
• We went to Costa Rica for our honeymoon because we wanted to see sloths
• Ali loves languages and speaks French, Spanish, and German
• Danielle is an amazing cook and rocks a BBQ Grill!
• Ali is a wedding officiant and has performed wedding ceremonies for several of our close friends
• We love Halloween and have an annual party for family and friends
• We enjoy watching a variety of Sci-Fi shows together

Meet Danielle by Ali:

What can I say about Danielle? She is basically Doc McStuffins meets Dr. Doolittle, wrapped up in a funny, adventurous, dedicated, and compassionate package – and she’s a wicked cook to boot! Danielle may have grown up “in the industry,” as they say in Hollywood, but she knew from a very young age that she wanted to be a veterinarian. Despite being told by a school counselor that she didn’t have the grades, she persevered and never gave up on her dreams and is now a well-respected veterinarian in a private clinic. Her drive and dedication are some of the qualities I most admire and love about her. She is serious about things that matter, but doesn’t take herself too seriously and has a warm goofy side to her that I cherish. Danielle is also one of the most loyal people I know. If you’re ever in need, you definitely want Danielle on your side. She is a natural athlete and loves running and hiking. If her way with animals is any indication, she is going to be an amazing mother.

Meet Ali by Danielle:

It is impossible to sum up who Ali is in a paragraph or two. I was drawn to her by her wit, sarcasm, and extensive knowledge of movies and TV. She is one of the most kind-hearted and giving people I know – always thinking of others’ feelings and taking time to understand their unique situation and provide assistance. These qualities not only make her an amazing individual, but they are what drove her to a career in social work helping veterans. Not only is Ali great with people, she is a natural with animals which of course is a must for me. Ali has cared for and loved my “fur babies” as if they were her own from the day we started dating. Ali has dreamed of being a mother since she was young. She cannot walk by a baby without making funny faces or sounds that they love and that always makes them smile. Ali is a natural! I look forward to watching her with our child and seeing her fulfill her dream of being a mother and passing on all of her amazing qualities.

Our Home and our Community:

We own a beautiful single-story 3-bedroom and 2-bathroom home in the San Fernando Valley. We love working on our yard and doing house projects. Our home is great for getting together with friends and family and we love having people over for special occasions or for theme parties like our annual Halloween party. We love keeping track of how many trick-or-treaters visit our house each year! We have a nice backyard with grass to play on and are looking forward to building a playground set for our child. Our neighborhood is safe, quiet, and family-oriented. We are only 5 minutes away from a large community park with an outdoor pool, picnic areas, soccer fields, and baseball fields. Our surrounding community is ethnically diverse and offers many different types of restaurants and activities to provide a well-rounded upbringing. Given where we live and work, we have access to some of the best school districts to help ensure a good education for our child.

Our Family and Friends:

We are so thankful to have the unconditional love and support of our family and friends. They are all so excited about us growing our family through adoption and cannot wait to meet our child. Adoption is not something new for either of our families.
Danielle’s mother was adopted, through closed adoption, as an infant. Ali’s sister and brother were both adopted and have relationships with their birth families. Ali’s aunt gave birth as a young adult. The baby was adopted by a loving family. He connected with his birth family (Ali’s family) in his twenties, and now he and his family are a big part of Danielle and Ali’s life. We feel lucky that our child will have many family members who have been adopted to speak to about their unique experience.

Danielle’s family (mom, dad, and sister) lives about 15 minutes away so we are fortunate to see them regularly. We love spending time with them and they are always good babysitters for our furry kids -- we know they will be equally good babysitters for our child! Thanksgiving has become a tradition at our house which we hope to continue and grow. Ali’s family lives primarily in the Bay Area. We make sure to visit them several times a year. Most recently was a family outing to see Lady Gaga in San Francisco – Ali’s dad and step-mother even joined! Most importantly, our family, no matter where they may be, is always here for us whenever we may need them.

We both have many close, loyal friends who couldn’t be more excited for us. In college, Danielle befriended a group of women from her sorority and they are still friends today. Every year since their graduation, they make it a point to get together for a special girls’ weekend to catch up. Ali, has lived in many different places before settling in Los Angeles and has made lifelong friends every place she’s lived. For both of us, these are not just friends but an extension of family.

Our Furry Babies:

With Danielle, aka Doc McStuffins, on board, your child will never be without the companionship of an animal. We share our home with several furry babies that keep us warm at night and entertained by their antics at all times. All of our animals are rescues. We can’t wait for our dogs (Foster and Miles), and our cats (Klaus, Cyrus, Owen, Piper, and Gus Gus) to meet our newest non-furry addition. They have spent time with babies and children. We know they will love our child and be among his or her first friends.

Our Promise to You and Your Child:

Above all, we promise to love your child with all of our hearts. We will provide a safe, happy, loving home, where our child can explore and grow. We will give our child a strong sense of family and community with love, connection, and a sense of belonging. We will teach him/her empathy, kindness and respect for all people, animals, and nature. We value education and will do our best to provide opportunities to learn through both education and experience from travel and exposure to other cultures and places. Both of us – and our friends and families – are beyond excited to welcome a child into our home. We wish the best for you and your child throughout this journey, wherever it may lead.


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