Daniel & Colette

Dear Birth Mom:

In this letter is a short description of us – who we (Dan and Colette) are, our dreams and why we so very much want to adopt. We hope these words spark a connection with you and make us a family – so talk about an important letter! We hope that we will soon have the opportunity to get to know you and talk to you about your experiences, your hopes and dreams for the future and share our gratitude to you for reading this letter and feeling a connection to us.

About Daniel & Colette

We met in college at UC Berkeley in 2006. We lived on the same street but our first connection happened when we were riding the bus to campus and Dan spotted Colette, intrigued by Colette’s distinct style of walking. Our paths crossed several more times across campus until Dan finally worked up the courage to ask Colette out. Our first date went all wrong, but a year later after several more chance meetings we tried it again and instantly fell in love. A testament to the power of the right timing!

After graduation, we moved to LA to start our careers in digital marketing and to be close to Colette’s family. Since moving to LA our family has continued to grow - we now we have 2 nieces and 2 nephews who could not be more excited about welcoming a new cousin into the family! Three of them live a short 10-minute drive away from us and come to our house a few times per week to sample whatever sweet snack Colette has baked up, like the family favorite Coco Loco Granola, and play our backyard garden.

After dating for 5 years we got married, something that while we knew was right for us it scared us both deeply because both of our parents divorced in a not so friendly way.  Thankfully we set aside both our fears and now we have been happily married almost 8 years and together have built a life and a home that we very much want to share with a little one. Almost every day one of us will share how grateful we are to have each other – usually as a text with lots of emojis. In our marriage we know there is someone always on our side, rooting for our success and there for one another when we need to laugh or cry.

We live in a suburb of Los Angeles in an old house that Dan been able to flex his handiness and fix up to be our family’s go-to spot for holidays, impromptu pool/ dinner parties and our special place that we love to relax and unwind. What we love about our house is our big backyard, a love that is also shared by our two German Shepherd dogs, Werner & Gretel, who enjoy sun bathing on the outdoor furniture (though technically they are not allowed to) and unsuccessfully chasing squirrels who escape into the big trees surrounding the yard.  Dan has built a big backyard garden where he grows vegetables and flowers that Colette proudly uses in the kitchen and to make the house beautiful with freshly picked roses, sweet peas and chamomile flowers. We cannot wait to teach our little one about the garden, what to plant when, how to care for the plants and flowers and when to pick the perfect tomato for salad.

Dan works as a digital marketing manager full time but still finds time to care our garden, take the dogs on epic hikes on the trails around our neighborhood and enjoy comedy. Almost every Sunday you’ll find us at the beach savoring the last bit of weekend together – our family’s ritual to kick off a great week. In the fall of 2018, Colette decided to resign from her job as a Vice President at a marketing agency so that she could dedicate herself to the adoption process, parenting full-time once we welcome the baby into our family and also taking more time to focus on her health. Colette has a non-fatal form of muscular dystrophy and uses a scooter instead of walking far distances. Though she has some physical limitations those do not stop her from cooking huge meals from the garden for friends and family, volunteering with local political organizations and non-profits, and caring for our home and dogs. We both love to stay active and be outdoors and cannot wait to take a little one to swim in our backyard pool, walk through the native oak tree forests nearby and discover tide pools at the dog beach at Leo Carrillo.

We cherish our times with our family and that’s why every year we host Thanksgiving at our house starting with a family pie and pumpkin cheesecake baking marathon followed by a big family meal the next day. We often then drive to the Bay Area to celebrate with Dan’s cousins and mom – resulting in at least 3 days of Thanksgiving meals! Every year we feel so grateful we have so many loved ones who want to celebrate our gratitude for our wonderful lives together.  Though Dan’s family lives in the Bay Area we try to see them often by planning fun meet ups with Dan’s brother in the city of San Francisco to see their favorite comedians and by going to family reunions every September in Tahoe, a tradition we cannot wait to bring our little one to so they can swim in the crisp, crystal clear water and gaze at the brightest stars we have ever seen!

Together we have loved exploring the world enjoying different cultures’ art and food. We have traveled to Thailand, India, Hawaii, various far corners of Mexico and so many states across the US. We cannot wait to take our little one on these exciting adventures and as a family discover art and artifacts in foreign museums, try the different flavors and spices and learn about how while cultures can be so different, we are all still connected by love, compassion and commitment to family.

Our Approach to Parenting:

Every child is unique, and we believe the best things parents can do is listen to their children’s needs and create a consistent parenting style based on his/ her needs. We both come from big, modern families with half siblings and siblings of siblings, first, second and third cousins some of whom are adopted. Our child will be surrounded by all of them who believe love for each other is what bonds together a family, not blood. We believe stability and structure are some of the most important things that parents can give to their children and plan to create a routine that makes our child feel joy but safe and secure knowing that every night will end with a relaxing bath and us reading books together in bed. We are both lifelong learners and we believe that parents are a child’s most important teachers and cannot wait to share our love of learning with our child.  We plan to surround them with books and educational toys and games, trips to museums, frequent library visits, and camps and extra-curricular activities that pique their curiosity and will help them learn about who they are and grow.

Our Commitment to You:

First, thank you for reading this and hopefully you have learned a little about who we are and our dream of becoming a family. We would love to get to know you and for you to know more about us than what was in this letter. We are committed to doing everything in our power and means to put our child’s well-being first and dedicate our lives to their happiness. Our goal as parents is to always be open and honest and to us that starts with day one celebrating you as the birth mother who made us a family. We hope that this is just the beginning of our shared connection and the start of us becoming family.

With Love,
Dan & Colette

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