Connie & Erick

Dear Birthparent:

Thank you for taking the time to consider us as adoptive parents to your baby. We are grateful for the chance to continue to grow our family through adoption. We understand that this is not an easy choice to make. As you prayerfully ponder the future for you and your baby, know that our prayers are with you, whether or not you choose us. There is a special plan for your life and the life of your baby and if we are meant to be a part of it, we would think ourselves blessed.

About Connie & Erick

We met in acting class in Portland, OR. We were best friends first and went on many auditions together. One thing led to another and we turned our “on screen” romance into a real life “happily ever after”! We love going to Disneyland, listening to country music, watching movies, and following our favorite sports teams. We also enjoy spending time with family and friends, going on walks as a family, and occasionally eating out.

Our Home:

We live in a modest two bedroom condo nestled in the foothills in Lake Forest. The community
is quiet and friendly. It is well maintained by the association and the city. You definitely feel safe
in our neighborhood. There are several parks nearby as well as a nice trail leading into the canyon. Horse stables are within walking distance. We often walk the the parks, on the trail, or to the stables as a family.

About My Husband:

Erick is so patient and loving. I feel so spoiled because he helps out so much with Liana. He
leads us in prayer at the start of every day and gives me massages after a long day at home. He is funny, loves to help people, and is very calm and peaceful.

About My Wife:

Connie is the most loyal person I’ve ever met. Her generous heart continually inspires me. I
always get a warm feeling in my heart when I think about how she puts others before herself.
She is also great at finding moments of joy in the little things and has taught me not to sweat the small stuff. She loves celebrating birthdays and finds fulfillment in making people as happy as they can be on their special day.

Our Family:

Peace and joy is the mantra we strive to nurture in our family. We believe that a peaceful home
is one that shows respect for others, is conducive to continual learning, and is open to self
reflection. In a joyful home we find opportunities to celebrate, don’t take ourselves too
seriously, and relishes moments of happiness big and small.
Another theme we adhere to is family involvement. If one of us is celebrating, working towards
a particular goal, struggling to overcome and obstacle, the whole family is there. For example,
recently Erick has gotten into Spartan races and training for them. For his last race at Big Bear,
the we drove up with the baby and stayed in a cabin to experience the event with him.
Our Daughter:

Liana joined our family in the fall of 2016 and she has been such a joy in our lives. Within her
first year she has already met Mickey and Minnie, and experienced her first hockey, baseball,
and basketball games. She enjoys singing along to Country Kids Bop and hanging out with her stuffed friends. She would love so much to be a big sister and share her joy with a new sibling!
Our Faith:

We find that our strength comes from our faith and without it we would not be able to be as
strong as we are. The respect that we have for the dignity of every human person is a result of our formation in the teachings of our Catholic faith. For us, our relationship with God and His Church is a normal, natural part of our lives. Just as much as we live our lives to the full by
enjoying as much that is has to offer, we likewise live out our faith as full as we can as an ordinary part of our lives.
Family & Friends:

We have received so much support from our loved ones as we continue to grow through
adoption. For example, they held a baby shower for us so that we can be prepared for Liana’s
arrival. Our friends also have very strong faith and family values. We hope to surround our
children with this community to create a sense of belonging. Activities and get togethers with
these families are frequent and we are sure exposure to this will enrich the lives of our children.
Something we Look Forward to
We enjoy sharing our love for theme parks and sporting events with our family. Getting our kids
their first Mickey Mouse ears will be a wonderful moment. Cheering on our favorite teams will
be a regular activity of excitement and bonding for our family.
Our Thoughts on Parenting:
The most important thing we want our children to experience is security. We believe that
primarily comes from being in a safe home where mom and dad love each other
unconditionally. We have strong family values and prioritize them over money, reputation, and
material things. It will be our intention to give the very best to our children, but raising them into
the best version of themselves they can be is more important. We both will be active in the
lives of our children and will work together to be consistent in their upbringing.

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