Chris & Megan

Dear Friend,

Hello and welcome to our profile! “Excited” doesn’t begin to explain how we feel about starting this new chapter in our lives, and “grateful” doesn’t begin to explain how we feel towards you for taking the time to learn about us as you make decisions about your child’s future. We do not take lightly the gravity of your choices and we admire the selflessness you’ve shown in even considering them. We know that having a child placed with us is an absolute honor, one that we understand is of crucial importance and do not take for granted. As you discover who we are, we hope you’ll be able to feel the humor-filled, fun, and loving home that we currently have and look forward to sharing with a child. Our parents showed us the joys and importance of being parents and have given us this sage advice for child rearing: love them unconditionally. And this, I can assure you, we will do. From the bottom of both of our hearts, we thank you again for your consideration and wish you well on all of your life’s journeys.

About Chris & Megan

Our story began in 2017 online with the help of an app called Coffee Meets Bagel. Talking led to dinner, to dancing, hiking, and other adventures. Soon, we started an art show together, met each other’s families, and it wasn’t more than a few months before we both knew we had something special and had found our forever someone. A year and a half after we met, Chris secretly decorated our rooftop balcony in twinkle lights (Megan does love those twinkle lights!), waited for her to come home, and popped the question under the stars. We married two years to the day after we met in a ceremony on a beautiful rooftop in downtown Los Angeles. Although it literally rained on our wedding “parade,” it was one of the best days of our lives and will live happily in our memories forever. In 2019, we bought a lovely home on a cul-de-sac in a quiet neighborhood in the suburbs of Los Angeles with four bedrooms and plenty of yard space; a place we love and the perfect spot to grow our family.


- Lawyer By Day: But not the type you’ll see on a billboard. I’m general counsel for an architecture firm. I’ve been at the same company for 15 years where I am in awe of the amazing places they create.

- Writer On the Side: The creative side of my brain gets a little bored with lawyering so I spend time writing comedies (and watching them!). I have published two books and am working on several more, hoping to make a fulltime living of this one day.

- Drummer in my Spare Time: A lover of music and finding new bands, I was in one! For several years I played in a trio. Life gets a little busy to do this as often as I’d like, but my kit is set up in my house and ready for me to enjoy when the feeling strikes.

- Restaurant Discoverer for Fun: From the Westside to Downtown and The Valley, the Los Angeles food scene is fantastic and I am always on the hunt for the new and delicious.

- Kings Fan for Life: Born and raised in LA, this is my team and always will be whether I watch one game a year or 180 and whether they win or lose.

- Volunteer for the Soul: I participate in holiday events for an organization that helps women who fled their homes because of domestic violence and for political candidates and causes of which I am passionate.


- After practicing law for over a decade, I decided to change careers and become a marketing professional. Just a few years later, and I’m a Senior Marketing Manager at a major travel company, and love what I do!

- I love being creative. I enjoy playing trumpet (I won the International Trumpet Guild Conference Scholarship when I was in school), dancing ballroom (I even taught at Arthur Murray Dance Studios for a while), photography, and lots more.

- I also like to stay active, so you can often find me going for a hike, playing a little flag football or basketball, taking a nice run after work, or lifting weights.

- Laughter is very important to me, too. I’m always up for seeing a night of stand-up comedy, and you can always count on me to crack a few corny jokes in any situation.

- I try to be a true renaissance man, so it can be hard to describe all the things I enjoy learning about and trying. Whether I’m learning a new coding language, dancing swing in a commercial (true story), starting an art show with Megan, running in a charity race, going to a Los Angeles Philharmonic concert at the Hollywood Bowl, or curling up with a book or intriguing article, I’m always trying to experience new things and learn about the world.


Chris is the love I never thought I’d have and still have to pinch myself for proof it’s real. He made me laugh even before I met him when he was wearing a t-shirt that said “fat people are hard to kidnap” in his profile pictures. He’s incredibly smart and extremely calm. His ability to stay even keeled and rational in every situation is wonderfully soothing and gives me confidence that we can get through anything together. He has so many interests and hobbies and a wonderful sense of humor, I learn so much from him and we are never bored together. I admire his resilience and quiet confidence. When he was an unhappy attorney several years ago, he did what so many people are scared to do – he quit and searched for greener pastures. He found them in marketing and worked his way up from zero experience to a senior manager in just a few short years. He will be such an amazing dad, having countless wonderful attributes to instill into our child… I am beyond eager to see it happen.


Imagine the funniest, smartest, and most thoughtful people you’ve ever met, then put them all together and you’re describing Megan. She can make me laugh with a glance, she’s incredibly creative, amazingly smart, and yet still finds time to care for her friends, family, and even total strangers in ways that are surprising, touching, and humbling to behold. She is definitely the planner of our relationship, and she’s so good at it! Hardly a weekend goes by that she hasn’t found a new restaurant for us to try, a new experience to be had, or a new trip for us to take; and they’re always spectacular. Part of what makes us work as a couple is the broad range of her knowledge and interests, and her openness to trying new things. We have many interests in common, and even if we find one we don’t share, she’s always up for giving it a try. She’s passionate, encouraging, compassionate, smart, and interesting. As I told our friend who officiated our wedding, “she’s just my little ball of wonderful.” I cannot think of anyone who is better equipped to be a mother than Megan, and I’m so excited to grow our family together.


We may not have a large family, but it’s a close one. Megan’s mother, father, sister and brother-in-law all live a short half-hour drive from our home. Megan’s sister, Meredith, is close in age and Megan’s best friend. We all get together several times a month for any reason or no reason other than we enjoy each other. Megan also has extended family on the East Coast who we see at least once a year. Raised in Florida, Chris’s mom is a bit far but we venture out east at least once a year to spend time with her and we communicate with her regularly. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Megan has a close-knit group of friends, most of whom she’s known for twenty-plus years. This group of friends function as family and we feel lucky to have such an incredible support system.


The suburbs of LA is an ideal place to raise a child.

- The Schools are excellent.

- The sun is always shining. There is no end to the time we can spend exploring outdoors or playing in the park. We have a sizable yard, we have numerous friends with swimming pools, and there are dozens of parks within minutes of our house.

- The Beaches are only half an hour away.

- The mountains are only one-to-two hours away.

- Theme parks are plentiful.

- Museums, aquariums, concerts, theaters, and cultural enrichment is everywhere!


- To never be ashamed of who they are or what they want; we will love and accept him/her regardless

- The importance of kindness, tolerance, and compassion

- That no dream is too big and no goal unimportant

- The value of hard work, commitment, creativity, and vision

- That listening is as important as sharing

- That as long as we’re alive, s/he has someone in his/her corner

- The importance of laughter

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