Brian & Jamie

Dear Birth Mother:

We are Brian and Jamie, and we currently live in Los Angeles. Two years ago, we became a family of three with the adoption at birth of our son, Jackson. He truly made our new house a home and further deepened the love we have for our family. And yet, we have always envisioned a family filled with the joy and laughter of multiple children…and so we are now looking for a wonderful little brother or sister for Jackson to share in our love. We thank you deeply for considering us as potential parents for your child.

About Brian & Jamie

We have been together for 17 years in a committed, loving relationship. We met during a neighborhood festival shortly after we both moved to Chicago and we’ve been together ever since. We got married in 2016, surrounded by our family and close friends in Palm Springs. Having met in our early 20s, we’ve matured a lot in our relationship and as individuals in the time since. We have seen each other through lots of life changes, both happy and sad. Through it all, and with great friends and family by our side, we have been able to love and support each other at every step. We feel that we are ready to love, support and parent another beautiful child.

About Brian by Jamie
When I met Brian I knew that he would be a great father. Even as a young man in his early twenties I was impressed with the maturity and thoughtfulness he showed for taking an active role in being a big brother to his 8-year-old younger brother. He always spoke endearingly of the time they spent hanging out. I see his nurturing spirit every day in his parenting of Jackson as well. Brian loves to share his many hobbies and interests with Jackson – especially cooking, basketball and baseball. I admire this deeply because I see how much joy and fun it brings Jackson to be involved in these activities with his Dad. Jackson is thrilled to help with stirring, pushing buttons, and licking spatulas. He loves to pretend to cook in his play kitchen also, cooking us many pretend meals. Jackson started watching Cubs games with Brian at an early age and immediately started to mimic hitting and throwing a ball. And during Brian’s softball games Jackson is glued to the action occurring on the field including what Brian is doing. Between innings Brian is throwing the ball to Jackson, helping him hit the ball, or running the bases with him. Brian’s nurturing spirit is what drew me to him 17 years ago and it’s his love for me and Jackson that continues to inspire me.

About Jamie by Brian
I am so inspired by Jamie’s courage to challenge himself and to not simply settle for what’s easy. For instance, he recently made a career change at 40, from pharmaceutical science into interior design (quite a change!) His constant desire for learning and self-improvement is something I admire in him greatly and is a trait I hope that both Jackson and our future child will recognize and model for him or herself. But what’s even greater about Jamie is dedication to us making memories as a family. He’s always the first to bring up planning a getaway weekend or a just visit to the zoo – all to ensure we find new and fun ways to continue to deepen our bonds together. Jackson and I are lucky to have Jamie in our lives every day.

We moved to Los Angeles in 2013 from Chicago, where we lived previously for 10+ years. In 2017 we bought our current home in a beautiful and historical neighborhood called Windsor Hills (in South LA). We definitely selected it with our future family in mind, which was a good thing because we had only moved into it a week before we got the surprise call regarding the adoption of our son, Jackson. Our community of neighbors have become a wonderful support system and good friends, as we host them for dinners and impromptu get-togethers throughout the year. We’re currently planning a back-yard renovation so that we can have an outdoor hang out area for us as a family, including a set up for movie nights with a projector and screen. On the weekends we are only 15-20 minutes away from the ocean, hiking trails, downtown – we seemingly have all the fun spots of LA within reach from our neighborhood.

Interests & Hobbies
We share a love of great food and how it can bring together close friends. We feel fortunate that our home has a large kitchen which has helped us host big parties for everything from the KY Derby to a Christmas dinner. Brian is the baker in the relationship, and loves to make seasonal pies, a big layer cake to celebrate fun occasions or just fresh muffins for a weekend breakfast. Jamie likes to take on new and challenging recipes. But most important is the time we spend as a family cooking together on a regular weeknight. We love to have Jackson help us by measuring ingredients, getting things out of the cupboard, pushing buttons on equipment and stirring ingredients.
On the weekends we love staying active together. Lately we have been spending Saturday mornings doing swim lessons for Jackson followed by some playground time or play time in the back yard. And at least half the year, Brian spends part of the day on Sundays playing softball, which Jackson has really started to take an interest in. He loves to hold the bat, balls, batting gloves...anything that goes with the sport. At a recent weekend tournament, he was thrilled to run the bases in between games and had a smile ear-to-ear as he did. Brian certainly hopes your child takes an interest in a sport or two during childhood, so he can help coach and have fun practicing with him or her. Jamie will be helping with practices and cheering from the sidelines. We like to be an active family and look forward to having a bigger family to do these activities with.

Personal Values
Family, friends, and fun life experiences are far more important to us than material things. Since we have many close friends with young kids who live in other states, you can expect your child to grow up with memories of vacations with family friends, traveling to new places, exploring nature, swimming and playing with other kids, or perhaps hiking and camping in the amazing National Parks around the country. We love being outside and enjoying nature and hope to instill that same love in your child.
We spend alternating holidays with each family and have both grown to love Kentucky (where Brian’s family lives) and Michigan (Jamie’s family). We can’t wait to share the beauty of each state with our child – visiting the horse farms and hiking through the hills of Kentucky and exploring the green expanses and beautiful coastline of Michigan. On both sides of the family you child would have large loving extended families that still gather together for holidays and summer get-togethers. Grandparents on both sides of the family spend plenty of time traveling to LA to hang out with us and would be thrilled to have another grandchild to spoil. We usually have at least one grandparent staying with us every few months for several days at a time.
It’s also worth noting that Brian’s youngest brother as well as two of his cousins are all adopted. Our family all celebrate the joy that adoption can bring, and cannot wait to meet the newest member.

Our belief in openness within adoptive families is rooted in the benefits for the child – that’s why the birth parents and adoptive parents have come together in the first place. In keeping our children’s well-being as the focus, we welcome ongoing contact to whatever degree is comfortable for everyone involved. We look forward to discussing with you what feels right for you, and figuring out a plan that has everyone feeling good – whether that includes in-person visits, texts, pictures, etc.

As the parents of one happy and thriving child already, we have learned a lot in the past couple years. But above all, we’ve simply enjoyed having the opportunity to be present for our son. To see the world through his eyes and explain things to him. To show him new things big and small – from showing him different plants and insects while we take a hike to showing him different states and cities as we travel. No matter what we’re doing, we talk to Jackson non-stop to help him learn and appreciate the world around him.
As our children grow, one piece of advice we want to always remember is that we must be our child’s parent, but not always their friend. As kids grow and parenting becomes more challenging, they need a guiding influence to help them develop a sense of morality, empathy, and self-confidence. The decisions a parent makes on behalf of their child might not always be happily received in the moment – but the boundaries and guidance we give will make a big impact in the long-run.

In Closing
We can imagine you have a lot on your mind right now. We hope this has given you a glimpse into our lives and look forward to talking with you more if you believe we could be a good match.

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