Aubrey & Kelly

Dear Birth Parent:

To say that becoming parents has always been a dream for both of us is an understatement. You are giving us the chance to make that dream come true and should your baby be the one we are privileged to bring home, he or she will know of your gift from day one. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for reading our profile and for considering us.

About Aubrey & Kelly

Thanks so much for taking the time to find out more about us. We are Aubrey and Kelly and we’ll do our best in this letter to give you some sense of who we are. Aubrey is 38 and Kelly is 37. The two of us have been together since December of 2011 and were married in October 2014. We found each other on a dating website. Neither of us had met someone from the site in person before but for some reason we each made an exception and decided to meet for a “casual, friendly” dinner. Kelly as the die-hard romantic saw a spark from the beginning but Aubrey, being a little more cautious, needed a little convincing. A strong connection developed over the next couple of months and before too long it was easy to see this was more than friendship. There was an ease about us from the very beginning. Together our lives just seemed better, our dreams seemed clearer and easier to attain. Kindness, acceptance, and a mutual love for each other made our future together undeniable.

Now we live in a large and homey two-bedroom condo in a very safe neighborhood surrounded by great schools and awesome restaurants, shops, theaters, and several parks and playgrounds nearby. The second bedroom will be decorated by us with help from friends and family closer to baby’s arrival. Aubrey’s mother repainted a Winnie-the-Pooh dresser that was hers as a baby and gifted it to us for the newest family member. As huge animal lovers we share our home with three sweet cats, all rescued.

Our home is large but nothing fancy. It is simple, warm and welcoming. We love to spend time at home and often have friends and family over for meals, board games, or movie nights.

The two of us are college-graduated, professional women with strong career paths and financial security. Aubrey recently left her job of six years to prepare for becoming an at home mom for when our first family addition arrives. She was an Account Executive for an LA jewelry company working with hundreds of clothing and gift stores in the Western half of the US and has an extensive background in hospitality.

Kelly is a private, in-home chef for a Hollywood family. Sitting on the counter in her great-grandmother’s Italian kitchen as a young girl she learned a great deal about food and how much it brings people together. This is eventually what lit the spark that led her to culinary school in New York City. Kelly spent nearly ten years under Wolfgang Puck in the fine dining restaurant world before becoming a private chef. Although Kelly is the professional, Aubrey cooks at home as well. It is our hope that our child will enjoy getting creative in the kitchen with us from a young age. In addition to spending time in the kitchen together, we also love doing crossword puzzles, going out to the movies, enjoying live music and dance performances and spending time outside at the beach or taking weekend hikes.

As a couple, we spend some weekends away in different parts of California, particularly San Diego or Ventura where we have friends and family. Aubrey’s hometown is also a favorite vacation spot and it’s important to us that our children get to spend some time there, climbing trees and feeling the grass between their toes.
More international vacations are on our “to do list” for the future; Aubrey has spent many months in Paris visiting her older sister and has traveled to England, Spain, Morocco, and Greece, and she has also driven across the US twice. Kelly spent time in Germany and Scotland as a teenager (for soccer) and she also had amazing experiences visiting Italy and England where she has extended family.

Meet Kelly:

Food was not Kelly’s first passion. As a Los Angeles native she exceled in both soccer and softball from grade school through her college years. A few times a year we hit the batting cages to make sure she’s still got it. If our child is interested in sports we would be huge supporters, attending every game. Kelly could even coach!
Though sports and job experiences have given her a thick skin when she needs it, Kelly is also a total softie - a sucker for a heart-warming commercial or Facebook story and has been known to get teary-eyed just because she is so happy and grateful in everyday moments. She has such a big heart and she lets it guide her in so many ways.

Meet Aubrey:

Aubrey grew up in the Berkshires of Massachusetts where nature and dance were a huge part of her life. From toddler to teenager she practiced ballet, jazz and modern dance. We both enjoy watching dance performances of almost any kind whenever we can.
In 2004 Aubrey relocated to Southern California but she is still an East Coast girl at heart, practical, down-to-earth, and quick-witted. Walking around barefoot and getting dirty outside are second nature to her and she enjoys Do-It-Yourself projects. There is a planter in our outdoor space that she created from a pallet and a jewelry display in our bedroom she created from wood scraps in our garage. As an outdoorsy kid Aubrey grew up camping and still enjoys weekends in nature. Although Kelly is more of a city girl, Aubrey is bringing out her nature loving side with each camping trip and vacation back to the Berkshires.

Our Family:

The new addition to our family will be loved by so many people as each of us have big, loving families, and both sides genuinely enjoy spending time together and sharing lots of holidays. Kelly is the oldest of four siblings, she has one sister and two brothers who all live nearby. Aubrey, also one of four, has an older sister and two younger brothers and all but one also live in the same state. We are extremely close with our parents, step-parents, and remaining grandparents as well and everyone is so excited for this new addition to our family. There will be many home-cooked family feasts at long tables, trips to the beach, campfire stories and game nights. Family is very important to us on both sides and we spend a lot of quality time together.


We hold very strong values in our family when it comes to being there for one another, being aware of others around us, being grateful for what we have, no matter what or how much; we are firm believers in standing up for what’s right, opting for kindness whenever possible and taking ownership of our own lives. These are the values that we do our best to live by every day and the values we will try our best to pass on to our children. We will parent with guidance and support but also encourage free-spiritedness and independence. We also look forward to learning from our child/children and to experience all that they will bring to our lives.


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