AJ & Marc

Thank you for considering us! We are grateful for an opportunity to say hello. Our dream is to complete our family by welcoming a second child to join our adopted son in sharing a home filled with love, laughter, silliness, and joy. Deciding to place your child for adoption is a courageous choice. We imagine you may be filled with many emotions and many thoughts. As adoptive parents, we promise to provide your baby with a lifetime of love, encouragement, and opportunity.
With great gratitude,
AJ, Marc & Beckett

About AJ & Marc

We met at LAX baggage claim in 2008. If you believe in love at first sight, this was it! AJ, who lived in NYC, had flown to LA to visit college friends. Marc, who lived in LA, was picking up a friend at the airport. The moment we crossed paths at the baggage carousel was electric! We ended up spending the weekend together in Los Angeles until AJ had to return to NYC. Marc was then in NYC the very next weekend to visit. Those two weekends started a year of cross-country dating adventures that resulted in AJ (and two cats) moving to Los Angeles to start a new SoCal life. Our grand adventure has taken us many places in the world together, including back to NYC in 2010, where we were married in Central Park. Our best adventure so far started the day we adopted our son, Beckett! We love being Dads and it’s hard to imagine life before we were responsible for nurturing, guiding, protecting & simply enjoying this little soul as he transforms into his own personality. We are looking forward to the many more giggles, cuddles, and snuggles as we expand our family. All three of us are eager to make us a family of four!

About AJ by Marc:

My favorite words that I use to describe AJ are “kind, thoughtful, patient, generous, compassionate, selfless, healthy, goofy, honest, dedicated & caring”. AJ makes you feel comfortable the first minute you meet him due to his Mid-West values, hospitality & upbringing. No matter the situation, AJ brings laughter & fun to it. Sometimes I wonder who the real 3-year-old is in the house! As a dad, AJ is always there to answer a question, read a book, cook something together, tell a story, build a city, give loads of encouragement or simply to give a hug. Having a background in theatre, AJ is the absolute best at nighttime stories or playing dress up! He also loves planning outdoor family activities like picnics, hikes, beach days or simply just lying in the grass and watching the clouds go by. AJ is a great husband, but he is even a more amazing dad.
About Marc by AJ:

Marc is a hard worker with an incredible eye for detail that allows him to see things most people don't see. I admire his ability to bring the beauty out of any space he touches. He has the most beautiful soul of any person I have ever met. He shows kindness and gentle love on the surface that is supported by a well of quiet, deep strength and profound compassion. He lives his life honestly and generously, caring genuinely for those around him. To people he knows, he is extraordinarily loyal, with friendships spanning decades and thousands of miles. To those he doesn't know, he shows respect and kindness, always willing to lend a helping hand. All of these qualities make him an incredible person. But it is who he has become as a father that makes my heart smile the most. He was literally made for this job. This light shines inside of him when he is with our son. He is incredibly gentle and patient while helping Beckett navigate his world. He is also imaginative and silly, like a big kid. One of my favorite things to hear is Marc and Beckett romping through the house imagining they are looking for giants and dinosaurs while I am working. How can you not laugh when a toddler in an astronaut helmet flies around the corner squealing with glee followed by my husband wearing a dinosaur mask and a cape?


We are both well established in jobs that provide flexibility and support for having a family. That means we can spend quality time with our children, our family, and friends.
AJ is Senior Vice President for a global healthcare development company that helps to create and launch new health products and services. I love being able to help people through my work and my office is only a few blocks away from our home!
Marc is an interior architect and interior designer with his own company. I enjoy being creative and love helping clients solve something that they couldn’t do by themselves. The end goal is always to reduce stress in my client’s lives through organization and comfort. Luckily, working for myself means that I have a flexible schedule where I can always prioritize our family’s needs, which includes volunteering at our son's pre-school where I have been a room parent.

Our Home:

We love living near the beach! The fresh ocean breeze, quiet residential streets and friendly neighbors make this the perfect place for us to raise a family. We are located only one block away from our children’s future elementary school and surrounded by families with lots of young children, which makes for an ideal feeling of community. Our home has plenty of space for a growing family to spend quality time -- large bedrooms, a play loft, and safe outdoor play areas. We are also well connected to our school's community of other families and spend lots of time in playdates, music classes, and other fun activities.

Interests and Hobbies:

We love to explore as a family all the different types of experiences that Los Angeles has to offer. There is so much to learn! From discovering the beaches and aquariums, to hiking the mountains, to museums and outdoor playgrounds and going on bike rides all over. We are also aviation geeks and train hobbyists who love to travel. We often can be found watching the airplanes taking off and landing at LAX or building Thomas the Train wooden train tracks ALL over the living room floor! Our hobbies will continue to evolve to match our children’s curiosity as they discover the world.

Personal Values:

We both grew up with large extended Italian families that taught us that life should be full of faith, love, respect, generosity, and great pasta! Our travels and our jobs have also taught us the importance of celebrating diversity and to be grateful for all that we have. Both of our families had to work hard for what they earned, teaching us not to take things for granted and not to give up. As we have both grown, we have had ups and downs. We have had things and lost things. But, the most important & consistent things through it all is who we are and how we love. We have already started to teach our son these values- to love, laugh, value each person equally and leave the world better than they found it. We promise to do the same for your baby.


We know every adopted child will want to know more about their birth families and heritage as they grow older, so we are committed to making that process as easy as possible. We would be interested in exploring your feelings about openness. While we maintain a relationship with our son’s birth parents & communicate with them several times a year, we also understand that this is an individual choice and will treat your feelings with respect and thoughtfulness.

In Closing:

We are committed to raising our children to be proud of who they are; with open hearts, generosity and thankfulness in their everyday actions. Our home is open & ready to welcome our second child with everything needed to help them thrive. Thank you for reading this & getting to know us a little bit here. Now, we would love the opportunity to learn more about you! We wish you the best in your journey. Be well.

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