Andrew & Sarah

Dear Birth Parent:

As an adoptee and having an adopted sister, Andrew experienced what a gift adoption can be. We have a deep appreciation for the decision you are making. We look forward to meeting you and feel very fortunate to be included in your journey as you make an adoption plan for your child.  We are hopeful and excited to adopt a child and expand our family. We assure you that your child will live in a safe and secure home surrounded by people who love and support him/her unconditionally. We will incorporate, respect and maintain connections to her/his culture and heritage. Our hearts will be full knowing that we are entrusted with parenting your child.

About Andrew & Sarah

We are a biracial couple who met in 2000 while working together in Nashville. We quickly became friends. We then moved to New York City together, where we spent the next 14 years. We married in 2005. We love traveling, spending time with our friends and family, laughing together, and enjoying time in the outdoors. We take advantage of what San Diego has to offer with beaches, the ocean, and the mountains. At the end of the day, we enjoy being home and preparing food together. Our marriage is built on mutual respect and communication.

Our home, community and family:

We live in a quiet neighborhood in San Diego.  We are within walking distance to schools, a public library, and community park.  Many of our neighbors have children.  We have a large backyard which offers lots of space for a child to explore, run, and play. We love to have people over for barbecues and games.  We have a garden and are currently growing tomatoes, peppers, strawberries, zucchini, and herbs. We look forward to blowing bubbles on our front porch, painting projects on our back deck, and making ‘smores around our backyard firepit.  We have a large dinner table for our nightly dinners together.
We come from a large loving family and while we live many miles away, we keep family traditions and always look forward to large Christmas dinners and a week on the beach in South Carolina. Our families live on the east coast, but we see them numerous times a year.  Sarah’s sister visits a couple of times a year, during her school breaks.  Andrew’s parents stay with us for two weeks every year.  In between, we have visits from cousins and childhood friends while also making our way back to the east coast. We all make it a priority to spend time together.
We have a large diverse group of close friends both locally and on the east coast.  All of our family and friends, near and far, are enthusiastic about our decision to adopt and are ready to be supportive.

Meet Sarah (by Andrew):

Sarah is a smart, organized, and responsible.  She is warm and is a hard worker. She is compassionate, advocates for, and helps others.  She is a loyal friend and makes those close to her feel safe and cared for. She keeps connections and jumps at the chance to lend a hand. She is always willing to try something new.   She is a passionate reader, enjoys all kinds of music, and yoga. She becomes excited around holidays and can be found baking cookies and pies for neighbors and friends.  She always enjoys spending time with our nieces/nephew and her friend’s children. She will be a great mother, who is nurturing and will be reading daily to and with our child.

Meet Andrew (by Sarah):

Andrew has a smile that can light up the room.  He has dedicated his career to helping others. He loves traveling, tennis, and baseball.  While living in NYC, he coached a softball team of teenagers and young adults and taught tennis to school age children. He interacts with his nieces and nephew in a fun and caring manner.  I love seeing them follow him around whenever we visit. Since buying a home, he has shown an interest in building new things such as a bench and stairs.  Andrew will enthusiastically participate in any activities that our child is involved in. There is nothing he won’t be able to do as a father.
Our careers: Sarah graduated from Columbia University’s School of Social Work in NYC. As a social worker, I have provided a supportive ear to survivors of trauma for the last 14 years. I feel that it is a privilege and honor to be trusted with my clients’ life experiences and remain in awe of their resiliency.
Andrew is a substance abuse counselor and has worked with clients with varying ages and socio-economical statuses. He finds it rewarding to help others make changes in their lives.

We will both take several months off of work in the beginning to focus on bonding and attachment. We both find our jobs fulling and plan on returning to work full-time. Upon returning to work, Sarah has alternating Fridays off and we both have reasonable amounts of vacation time which we look forward to use to spend time with our child. With some flexibility in our hours, we will make sure to attend parent-teacher meetings, extracurricular activities, etc.

Our thoughts on parenting and openness:

We were both raised to value education, to be kind to others and to give back. We plan to pass on these values to our child.  As parents, we will celebrate diversity, cultivate a love of learning, and will provide ongoing encouragement and emotional support to our child around both education and extracurricular activities.  We recognize that parenting is not always easy. We are committed to being there with as much energy and support for the excitement around a good grade on a test as well as the disappointment around losing a ballgame. We will be consistent and patient during the ups and downs and different ages and stages that our child will experience.

We respect your personal decision on the openness of adoption. We want the same thing, a happy and loved child. When our child asks about some of his/her features, we would love to be able to tell him/her about you and to show pictures. We are hoping to continue with our family traditions (such as nightly dinners together and yearly family vacations) while making our own.  As parents, we will raise a child in a healthy home with unconditional love, encouragement to be curious, laughter, and nourish the child to grow into a kind, compassionate, and loving adult.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us and considering us as prospective adoptive parents for your child. We imagine that you may have a lot to think about. We look forward to exploring this journey together. We hope to have an opportunity to speak with you about raising a kind, compassionate, healthy, strong child.

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