Alex & Lora

Dear Birth Parent:

We have enormous respect for your courage and kindness in considering adoption. We cannot imagine what you must be going through right now and our hearts go out to you as you face this difficult decision. Thank you for taking the time to read about us. We look forward to getting to know you, and we promise to give your child a loving and nurturing home.

About Alex & Lora

We met in 2002 when we worked at the same company and would speak to each other by phone. Enchanted by the voice at the other end of the line, we decided to meet each other by going out to a movie among friends. Soon we fell in love. We married in 2007. Our relationship has enriched both of our lives, and we have traveled many places together and learned so much from each other. We enjoy being outdoors, especially at the beach. We have a lot of fun walking near the shore or fishing on a pier with Lora’s family. We also like watching baseball games at Dodger Stadium, riding bicycles and going to outdoor concerts.

Our Home:

We live in Los Angeles, in a safe neighborhood in a house with four bedrooms and a small garden in the backyard. We are walking distance to a park and a library and Lora’s parents live just a few blocks away and they often stop by to visit. We also live near an elementary school. One of our favorite places here is the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, which is great for people of all ages. Our city also has the space shuttle Endeavour, science museums and a mix of different cultures, and we see all of these things as unique opportunities to enhance our child’s education.

Meet Lora (by Alex):

Lora is my soul mate and I feel so blessed to be with her. I knew from the moment I met Lora that she would be a great mother because she is solidly grounded and focused on the needs of others. She also is very smart and witty, and she laughs so hard when she hears a good joke. She prefers to be in the background sometimes while others shine, but usually they owe their success to her, which is definitely the case for me.

She is going to be the most loving, patient and caring mother to our child because those are qualities that are natural to her and that she displays whenever we are around children. It always amazes me how much Lora knows about art and art history and she always takes an interest in what new exhibits are coming to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. She’s also super crafty and is known for the beautiful cards she makes for special occasions for her family members.

Meet Alex (by Lora) :

Alex is kind and generous, quick to come to the aid of a person in trouble and ready to lend a hand wherever help is needed. He’s always looking out for the needs of others and is thoughtful about his words and actions. His earnestness and truthfulness make him a great friend to have because you know he’ll never tell you a lie – his conscience won’t allow it.

Alex enjoys listening to music and playing the keyboard. He also loves surfing and baseball and knows that he will be great at playing catch with our son or daughter. Alex is my best friend, partner, mentor and co-adventurer. I know he is going to be a great father because he puts others’ needs before himself. He is also fun to be around because his laughs are contagious.

Family Fun:

The activity we do the most is hanging out with family, whether that’s cheering for our niece and nephew at their sporting events, taking them Go-Kart racing or celebrating a birthday. We both believe in God and we go to church regularly and look forward to reading the Bible with our child. Lora’s mother and father are very good at guiding children and making them feel treasured.

We have a lot of relatives who live a short drive away, including young cousins, and we know that our child would be surrounded by a big, loving family. Every year, we have several fun events that bring us all together, including a summer luau and a Christmas Eve party where we stay up late, put on a Christmas play, sing and laugh.

Thoughts on Parenting
We will emphasize positive reinforcement, showing that good behavior is rewarded. We will cheer on our child’s accomplishments and guide him or her with gentleness and love.
We have been a big part of the lives of our niece and nephew as they have been growing up. We talk to them at length, listening to them and taking them seriously as we learn about their interests and triumphs. We are both journalists and look forward to imparting our love of words and reading to our child.

When our child acts out, we will use our words to help the child make good decisions. If needed, we will take away a prized object or activity. Discipline for us is defined as training to be excellent. It’s raising a child to be respectful and to treat others with kindness. As a child gets older, he or she will learn that discipline is an important practice for daily life.


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