Aaron & Stephen

Dear Birth Mother:

Hello! We are Steve and Aaron from Los Angeles, California! Thank you for taking the time to read about our lives and consider us as parents to your child.  While we can’t even begin to comprehend the tough decision that you are faced with, we hope that you will learn through this short introduction that we have the passion and ability to raise your child in a safe and loving home.
We have chosen the adoption path because it provides us the chance to get to know one another and be comfortable with this process and the important decision ahead.  We are committed to following in the footsteps of our parents and providing the enriching experiences, moral values and quality education to enable your child to become the very best and happiest that he or she can be.

About Aaron & Stephen

We are an energetic couple that first met at a New Year’s Eve party in 2006, fell in love at the stroke of midnight, and have been happily married since 2008. Our meeting was magical (and timely) as each of us had just ended a former relationship knowing that long-lasting true love and the joy of raising a family were an important part of our life plan and our destiny together. Our first date was on New Year’s Day following our introduction the previous night. We knew just five minutes into that date that our love of the arts, cooking, travel, close friends and big families was yet another sign of something very special. We have constantly planned since then to adopt a child, and our move from Boston, MA to Los Angeles, CA began the process—a new adventure that we hope to share with you.

About Aaron, by Aaron :

I grew up in New Jersey near the town of Princeton.  Not everyone knows how green and beautiful that part of the country is and what a wonderful place it was to grow up.
My home was surrounded by woods that I loved to explore—both alone and with the dozens of friends that grew up in my small neighborhood.
We built forts, played games and transformed the woods into a special secret place, which they still are to me.  I remain remarkably close to my childhood friends from my neighborhood and count them as some of my closest lifelong friends.  I hope that our child experiences those same moments of adventure and the elements that create such lifetime connections.

After high school I went to Brandeis University outside of Boston and graduated with a degree in psychology.  I loved college and the great friends that I made there, who I still connect with regularly.

Since college, I have been employed in the field of marketing communications.  I currently work from our home in Los Angeles for a Boston medical device company, but I plan on becoming a stay-at-home parent when we adopt.
Nothing is more important to me that starting a family, and I have dedicated the rest of my life to becoming a great parent with Steve.

More About Aaron, by Steve:

Aaron is a force of nature that can get anything done and done right the first time.  I love his sense of precision and structure—whether it’s at work, in the kitchen or in his personal style.  He radiates positive energy and has a presence that makes people constantly approach him and want to be his friend.  I can’t wait to see him as a parent, knowing that every life lesson he teaches will be a strong and defining influence on our child being the best he or she can be.

About Steve, by Steve

I was born and raised in Southern California and my laid-back style comes from growing up around lots of exposure to sunshine, a close-knit family and open-minded thinking. Because of my amazing parents and dozens of aunts, uncles, cousins and four living grandparents that showered me with love and inspiration, I have only known the world as a happy place and full of possibility.
The thousands of friends that I have made (and still have) from living in amazing places like Palm Springs, Newport Beach, Los Angeles, New York, Santa Fe and Boston have proven to me that friends and family are everything and I consider myself to be luckier than any lottery winner because of the people who have touched my life.
I am an entrepreneur and career adventurer that has been blessed with success.  I was a club DJ that ended up developing a hot nightspot in Manhattan (where Madonna launched her biggest hits).  Since then, I have operated a chain of restaurants in LA and later became the CEO of a software company in Boston. I currently work from home and advise young companies on how to raise investor funds and spend the money wisely. Despite my success, nothing has been more rewarding than becoming a father to my amazing son Adam with my ex-wife, who was my childhood sweetheart and still-important friend.   Adam is now approaching age 30 and is married to an amazing woman and I know his happiness is largely because I raised him with the same love and positive energy that I was raised with.  It’s a simple formula that works and I can’t wait to do it again with my amazing husband Aaron and—hopefully—your baby.

More About Steve, by Aaron:

I have known since the moment I met Steve that he is one of the kindest people in the world.  He exudes an outgoing friendliness and always sees good in people. He is so thoughtful and loving. And, I already know that Steve is a wonderful father. His son, Adam, has grown into an accomplished adult. I see how Steve interacts with kids, and they love him. He gets down on their level; he can amaze kids with the stories he creates about their surroundings. I am so fortunate to have such a wonderful man as my partner.

Our Family & Friends:

We each come from a large family (Aaron’s in New York/New Jersey, and Steve’s in Southern California), and count on our dozens of aunts, uncles, cousins and their extended families as an important part of our social network and support system.

Christmas on the east coast and Thanksgiving on the west coast are family traditions that we plan on keeping alive for as long as possible and will make sure that our future child gets to know their families and how different each part of the country is.

Steve is the proud father of his adult son, Adam, from his first marriage. Aaron has been an active step-father through Adam’s college years and early adulthood. So, we both have valuable hands-on experience with the amazing thrill of child-rearing—something that has come naturally and has left us longing for more.
Our network of friends is extremely diverse and very close. Most of our social activities are at home in our backyard with a balance of straight and gay couples, some with children, but all together for many years and are extremely supportive of our adoption plans (as are each of our entire families).
We have fantastic friends that live in Boston, San Francisco, New York, Santa Fe and Florida—most of whom are starting families at the same time as us and who we plan on visiting regularly so that our kids can grow up as friends.

Our Home & Community :

Far from the skyscrapers that most people associate with the Los Angeles skyline, our Beverly Grove area is full of restaurants, cafes, convenient shopping and a remarkable suburban feel.
We know many of the shopkeepers and gallery owners along nearby Melrose Avenue and rarely use our car for errands or entertainment— nearly everything we do is within walking distance, which is unusual (but very special) for Los Angeles.
With young families living on each side of our home, the sound of children has already become part of our lifestyle (and the neighborhood will be full of babysitters in a few years!). A highly-rated and multi-cultural public elementary school is walking distance from our home and several notable private schools are close by.
We enjoy spectacular sunsets from our back yard and, courtesy of LA’s warm and endless summer, we spend a great deal of time with friends and family around an outdoor grill that Steve loves to cook on.
We fell in love with our home the second we saw it because of its beautiful back yard big grassy area.  Both of us grew up with lots of outdoor/backyard time as part of childhood memories and we plan on continuing that important tradition.  All our friend’s young children have immediately radiated to our yard, so we know that we’re off to a great start.
Southern California’s amazing beaches, Disneyland, and so many other popular attractions that make LA special are an easy drive from our home and we plan of making all of them an important part of our child’s upbringing.

Thanks for taking the time to consider us as your adoption partners. We both us come from strong and successful family backgrounds where values and education were the foundation of our upbringing. We were fortunate to grow up as happy and ambitious kids in rather ideal times, surrounded by love and compassion. We don’t know anything other than that style of childhood experience and are committed to replicating it for our adopted child.
Since our first date we have dreamt of being parents together and hope that we can meet you to share our vision for raising your child and helping them grow up in a home filled with principles, opportunity and unconditional love.

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