Aaron & Mary

We are very excited to introduce ourselves to you. We love children, but understand that parenting can be really hard to make work sometimes. We would therefore love to help another family that is struggling by adopting the children.

About Aaron & Mary

Aaron and I met in 2000 at work (we both worked for a bank in Pasadena, CA), and started dating in 2002. We were married in 2003, at 32 years of age. William was born in December 2004, and Anna was born in February 2008. Our personalities in a nutshell: Aaron is “Scary smart” as his cousin likes to say. He is outgoing and loves to have people over at the house every weekend to swim, BBQ, and generally hang out with the kids and friends/family. I am friendly although more of an introvert (I love to spend an afternoon curled up with a good book whenever I can). I am a natural caretaker and enjoy the domestic responsibilities of caring for my family. William is another avid reader who carries a book around with him everywhere he goes. Anna is fun, energetic, and a study in enthusiasm and constant movement. There is no such thing as too much fun in her opinion! As I sit here and type this letter, Anna is speed-jump-roping in the dining room.

It has always been our intent to adopt (we discussed it even before we were married) so we started researching adoption agencies, etc. in 2008 and after an incredibly long and arduous journey, here we are. William and Anna have been very involved in our adoption process since day one, and in fact have the following to say:

William: “I am very excited to have a new little sibling. I hope it will be easy and fast.”
Anna says, “I am really excited to have bunkbeds.”

Many of our friends and family have adopted children, or are adoptees themselves. Our local school and church both serve many blended families and are also both supportive of our quest to expand our family. We understand that every situation is unique and so we take every step of this journey with our hearts and minds open to be as supportive, flexible and loving as possible.

General demographics on the adopting parents, Aaron and Meg:

Our Parenting Style:

We encourage our children to be involved in whatever activities are interesting to them, so they have an opportunity to learn what they enjoy, and where they have skills or talents. That said, I do not believe in overscheduling kids so they are allowed to participate in up to three activities per week, each. Otherwise, their time is spent at home reading, listening to music, swimming, biking, playing with friends, homework, etc. Both sets of grandparents live nearby so they visit about once a week as well. We believe the greatest learning in the elementary years is accomplished through interactive play, so promoting such activities is prioritized in our family. Additionally, we believe that adults learn responsibility at a young age, so the children participate in household responsibilities every day as well. For example, every Tuesday night the kids cook dinner. They select the meal and we shop for ingredients in advance and they cook it. They also take care of the pets, collect the mail, clean their rooms, etc.

Aaron and I believe in open communication with each other and with our kids. If a situation needs to be redirected, we talk about the situation and suggest or encourage the kids to consider alternative methods to handle the situation or to redirect it in a more positive fashion.

When I asked William what our parenting style is he said, “You have boundaries, but overall kind and loving as parents.” Anna said, “They parent epically.”

Thank you for considering our family for your placement.

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