Child and Family Services

Professional Education


The Reiss Davis Child Study Center’s Educational and Training Programs and Opportunities, through the Reiss-Davis Institute, include:

  • Fellowship Programs
  • Post-Doctoral Fellowship Program in Clinical Psychology
  • Post-Graduate Fellowship Program in Clinical Social Work

Reiss Davis offers post-graduate social workers and postdoctoral psychologists advanced training in psychodynamic theory and practice incorporating a neurobiopsychosocial developmental view to arrive at a dynamic understanding of the interplay of factors that influence children’s intrapsychic and interpersonal experiences.  Includes seminars, supervision and clinical experience working with young people.

  • Pre- and Post-Doctoral Fellowship Program in Psychoeducational Diagnostic Testing offers advanced training in history-taking, patient observation, case conceptualization, assessment, diagnosis, and treatment recommendations for children and adolescents from a psychodynamic developmental perspective incorporating the latest findings in neurobiological research.
  • Doctoral Program in Clinical Child Psychology offers a PsyD focusing on the psychodynamic understanding of development from infancy to early adulthood from a variety of theoretical stances, incorporating neuropsychobiology, a wide array of clinical concepts, diagnosis and treatment. Includes seminars, supervision and clinical experience working with young people.
  • Certificate Programs
    • Infant-Parent Development
    • Psychodynamic Understanding of Children and Families
    • Psychological Diagnostic Testing

Admission to our academic programs

The pre-admission and admissions process includes a tour of the facilities and program orientation, submission of an application, interviews with the prospective student and a review of applicable records by the admissions officer.

Los Angeles Training Consortium

The Los Angeles Training Consortium (LATC) is a partnership of four agencies in Los Angeles County that provide wraparound care to children and families.  The LATC was started in 2004 to assure high quality training for the workforce in wraparound in Los Angeles as well as the surrounding Counties.  On a monthly basis, the LATC offers a five day basic curriculum that teaches the values, principles and basic skills of wraparound.  In addition, intermediate and advanced trainings are provided for Parent Partners and Family Facilitators.  Coaching and mentoring in wraparound values and skills is also available.  To date the LATC has trained over 3,000 people in wraparound values and skills.

Continuing Education Programs for Mental Health Professionals working with Children and Adolescents

•   Saturdays at the Center: Offering cutting edge neurobiological/relational mental health models and adjunctive services for mental health professionals serving children, adolescents and parents.
•    Required Clinical Development Seminars

PsychoEducational and Diagnostic Services (PEDS)

The PEDS Program offers a comprehensive learning disabilities assessment, attention deficit evaluations, and psychological testing for children and adolescents.

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