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5th Annual Autism Conference


rsz_my_family001 Vista Del Mar’s innovative autism conference, “Bridging the Gap:  Behavior, Communication & Sensory Processing in  Autism,” will provide clinicians, parents, educators, scientists and  individuals with autism a chance to better understand the core issues  surrounding autism and work together to explore solutions. This year  we are honoring Vista’s own Medical Director, Susan Schmidt- Lackner, M.D., one of the country’s foremost child psychiatrists  specializing in Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). The featured guest speakers will be Barry M. Prizant, Ph.D., CCC-SLP – an international consultant to children and adults with ASD and their families, and Elysa Marco, M.D. -Director of Research for the UCSF Autism and Neurodevelopment Program, the cognitive & behavioral child neurology clinic, and a neuroscience laboratory.

Vista Del Mar Campus, 3200 Motor Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90034

Regional Center Funding Available WRC # PW5788

Admission: $85

Students and Seniors: $50

CEUs: $15

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For more information, call (310) 836-1223, x225

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